Thursday 19 December 2013

Looking (Back, Now, Forward)

Pounds to be lost. Those are not currency pounds. They are weight pounds. Since the last event in October I've been eating and drinking more than exercising. I still have done PE but less than normal. The falling down stairs didn't help. But the volume has gone up slowly. More running and harder sessions. Think I need to get dreaded Xmas out of the way and get back working harder.

But so be it, at least I have noticed that running up the hill outside my house from 200 m to 600 m ascent is getting easier and easier.

It's been cold in Zurich, have even been doing some snow running. By coincidence rather than plan. Wasn't smart, as a simple fall with a big break could see you get killed in the cold. But, life wouldn't be so exciting without those little adventures.

Below, the view on the night of the 18-19 December in Zurich. The Xmas decorations in Bahnhofstrasse near Paradeplatz.

Below is the flame seen from Burkliplatz looking at the lake southbound. Not sure why there is this flame.

Never knew, but there is a such a thing as a gummi-bear shop. If you look good, you can see a gummi-bear wedding cake.

I've now been 6 months in Zurich. I must say, it's one of the fittest cities in the world. Not necessarily the healthiest, as the majority smokes. But in the main, the men and women are fit, very fit.

Yesterday evening while being out with some friends I discovered Kaffee Lutz. Believe me, lethal.
3 dlWasser heiß
0.5 TLKaffee Instantpulver trocken
2 clTräsch - 1
/2 Zwetschge
1/2 Birne Schnaps
Basically Schnaps, hot water, instant coffee, sugar in a glass tea/coffee cup.

Ok, new year coming upon us. Booked into some good events. See My WebSite for more details. Will be good, to be in a house on an island with the MdS crew. Running water and beds. What more can you want.

Ok, this was a short catch up. I still believe blogs should be short stories and not short novels.

So much for now. Have fun.

Thursday 5 December 2013

Xmas on its way

This is going to be a bit of a rambling one to cover multiple subject, of which not many have loads to do with running.

Everybody seems to know I don't like Xmas very much. As I've never made a secret about it. But there is a good rule I follow. This rule is: When The Facts Change I Change My Mind.
So being in Zuirch, it's a bit like being back in Boston. Xmas period feels like Xmas. No snow this week, (shame) but still. The Mulled/Gluhwein is flowing. Last night went out with two colleagues and had a blast. No gym or run.
To be fair, I decided that I like Xmas, but only if I choose to. Not because people have puppets singing and dancing Xmas songs. No people saying it's a jolly season. Very funny they have  multiple Xmas markets in Zurich. Benefit that they all are smaller and less busy, so you can get to the alcohol and food faster. Disadvantage, there are many. But it's a funny atmosphere and I don't mind it much.

Luckily I was good and did go to the gym Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. And may go on Friday. I'm still  staying away from the weights on the arms, use the for legs, but need physio first this week to know what I can and can't do.

Been using the Xcountry machine, for 45 minutes and more at a time. God that is boring, even if the view is Lake Zurich and mountains, and the other clientele is very scenic. But it's got to be done. Back to running next week, in the cold, up the hill and far away. Training for Transvulcania must start soon. Only 83km over a vulcano in May. Should be good.

This week my friend Simon Martin ran 100 miles. Well impressive my friend, well impressive.

So what is next, 2 more Zurich weeks before the year is over then Ezra and Bette in UK and Xmas and New Year and off to Holland for a week. Life couldn't be better. Well it could, I could be rich and pretty and not just one of them.

I made a Xmas wish list and there were no apple products on it. Just other products. Also found that in Zurich in Globus they sell long over the calf socks. How cool is that. Not the fancy colours I normally like, but Burlington with the diamonds. Maybe should get some of those.

So much for now, while watching a movie in my flat in Zurich. Back tomorrow to UK.

Speak soon, will do more before Xmas and New Year so no wishes yet.


Sunday 24 November 2013

3 weeks after ouch

It's 3 weeks, since I dislocated my shoulder. Pain is gone, nerve is still irritated. The shoulder itself isn't really healed yet I think. I'm still wearing the sling, just to ensure no sudden movements. I've been to the gym and I've been running and cycling. So that's at least something.

This weekend I went to visit the Running Show in Sandown Park. As this is just down the road (5-6 km) from me it's easy to get to. A while back with Tim Holmstrom and Rory Coleman we were discussing participating to promote our ultra events and training. Due to all sorts of circumstances this didn't happen. I believe having been at the show twice this weekend, we missed much not participating.

It was very spacious, but also ver quiet. A number of the stalls were set up, more as car-booth sales than actually being appealing to public. I did buy a pair of Altra Zero Drop Lone Peak 1.5 as I am always interested in new. It also allowed me to fit the Puma's but they were too narrow.

On top of my shoulder since Thursday 21 November I've been suffering a cold, which in the main has gone now, by drinking pure lime and lemon juice, hammering Night Nurse and sleeping lots. And eating spicy Indonesian food with Karen, Pete, Helen, Steve and Mandy.

I understand from the calendar that Christmas is on its way. I can't wait, for it, to be over that is. However Ezra and Bette are with us just before that so that will be fun. Even have tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Winter has arrived in Zurich, last week we had proper snow. Well not loads but enough to make it interesting.

This was just a short essay, to show you I'm still alive. Need to pick up training a bit more.

So much for now.

Have fun.

Sunday 3 November 2013

Ouch - would be a good word - Dislocated Shoulder

Since I started all this fitness nonsense, I've not really been injured. There are some uncomfortable feelings sometimes, but in the main, I've been good.

Until Friday evening 01 November when I was doing domestic stuff. Picked up the the laundry to go from upstairs to downstairs. Well, I slipped and dislocated my shoulder (and some wall plates as well).

I've been in pain before, but never as much as with a dislocated shoulder. First to say thank you to my girlfriend Karen for driving me to Kingston Hospital and not laughing too much. Arrived their, registered, nearly fainted and threw up.

Brought into a waiting room, kept on being told I was getting painkillers. They never arrived. But make no mistake, all respect for the people working in Kingston Hospital A&E. Clearly too much work, not enough people, and chaos. But thanks to them. They are hardworking and genuinely care.

So breathed in some laughing gas, which makes your heart rush like a maniac. However my resting heart rate with dislocated shoulder is 94. Not sure if that's good or what, but with laughing gas it's 96 but it feels like 196.

Next step, somebody puts your shoulder back in. At least the endless pain stops, for pain with an end. Never believe Lethal Weapon. No chance that happens in real life. I think. If it does, there are much harder man then me out there then.

But shoulder is back in, seems that it's a 10-16 week recovery. Really? Hope not. But guess shoulder presses are out of the question for a while.
Probably stick with leg exercises. 

So need to work out, how to train for the Zurich 70.3 Ironman, and a 1.9k swim. Really? 

Ok, 3 events scheduled for next year.

1) Transvulcania in May
2) Zurich 70.3 in June
3) Transylvania in September

And maybe 111 or 222 in August in La Ultra.

So much for now. Just thought a little update on a dislocated shoulder would humour some people.

Saturday 26 October 2013

Kingston Garmin Run & Amsterdam Marathon

Kingston Sunday Morning Garmin Run 13 October
The first one is the twice a year 8.2 mile / 13.1 km run from Kingston Market place via Kingston Bridge to Hampton Court on the Thames Path. Cross Hampton Court bridge and back to Kingston. It was my first organised run ever and despite keep on saying I'm done doing it, I keep on going back. Well, it starts outside my house, 5 minute walk.

This year I was doing it with Nasreen Suleman. A lady who does mountains GR (Great Routes) walks around the world. So as I had Bournemouth Marathon week before and Amsterdam week after I wasn't going full out. Which was notice-able as due to unknown to me reasons the route was only 7.85m/12.6km but it still took me about 1:09 to run. While my PB on the longer distance is 59min.

But it was nice running it with somebody, not so nice it rained. But I believe Nasreen beat her own time, and beat her 10k PB the week after. Which I think she set on 51 min, which is faster then mine.

At least a medal and not a mug. Colin B was there, racing around 16 miles, unfortunately didn't catch up.

Amsterdam Marathon 20 October
On Saturday it rained and rained. I stayed in the Amsterdam Hilton 2 metro stops from the Olympic stadium. Decided on Saturday to check out the metro and find a way for a ticket. Well one machine, with one family struggling to work it out. I was lucky by being able to borrow an entrance. So to the stadium where I could buy a 24 hour ticket. Which worked perfectly. Next morning, long queue for the one ticket machine. Think some work to do the organisers and the Amsterdam Public Transport there.

I visited Joop and Anke Keizer. Joop since he and I met on a dark beach in a car (nothing dodgy) have become good friends. The man is a legend. 72 and runs a marathon just around 4 hours. To then be interviewed by young pretty tv people. You gotta be lucky :-)
Honored to be on Joop and Anke's boat. Which conveniently moored just outside the stadium.

We started in the same box but not met / caught up till the end. It was a really great start and finish in the Olympic Stadium. And the weather was great, sun out, no rain, and a lot of support. Going through the town of Amsterdam was very nice and worthwhile.

I bumped into Danny Kendall (not really) while he was racing the other way and I'm sure my cheering helped him achieve his 2:37 PB. Or at least so I tell my self.

At the end in the Vondelpark my daughter Kim was there with her mother Ineke and her mom's boyfriend Rene. Cheering me on. Which I needed and did help push the last 3km.

Kim is a runner as well, 15 years and doing well. Going out by herself and liking the run for the run.

Small roll up looking back
Last year this time we were meeting up almost without fail on Sunday mornings as it was part of the 2013 Marathon des Sables training regime. That is now 6 months ago nearly since we finished it. If I ever had a dream doing an event, this was it. And I really hope being back in 2015.

I met a lot of great people there, in a sandpit 4 hours flight way from London.

Picture below is from the beginning of the Amsterdam Marathon when we run under the Rijksmuseum. It's the place that holds the world famous
 De compagnie van kapitein Frans Banning Cocq en luitenant Willem van Ruytenburgh  - De Nachtwacht
The Company of captain Frans Banning Cocq and lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch preparing to march out - The Nightwatch
So called as it's very dark painting, by Rembrandt.

Friday 11 October 2013

Bournemouth Running Festival - The Marathon

On Saturday 05 October, Wayde and I set of to an adventure that brought us to the town of Bournemouth. There was a running festival and we would participate in the Marathon.  Fair to say it looked great, at pier for the finish.

We checked into our hotel the Trouville. Build in the 70's or earlier, but not sure what century. But it was clean and for £40 pppn, who cares.
The parking lot was full, the interred red and black. And the elevators well, they were there as well. Bit if you participate in this event, I recommend it. En route directly out of town when done.

We set off exploring this wonderful town and find something to eat. As you do you carb load. So I had a number of beers and the most bland pizza ever in Pizza Hut. Where you get unlimited salad. For those of you who have ever seen Going for an English, this pizza could have been in there. 

As said the finish near by the hotel, the bus to the start near by as well. And Bob's your uncle (whatever that means).

So dinner done. Bedtime. Luckily or not I forgot the following things:
Phone charger,
iPad charger,
Running watch and heart rate strap.

So up the next morning, breakfast. No complains there either. Coffee, and all the trimmings you would expect from a sea side hotel. But I just had yogurt and some toast.

Done that, on our way to the bus. Easy to find got in, and on our way to the start. The sun was coming out and it felt nice and warm. What was nice, not a lot funny dressed people.

We were joined by John and the 3 of us set of in the sunset to the startline.  Pink and Green, we represented. Those are the times we believed we would do.

Well that's when it all went wrong. Well for John, it probably went reasonably but he hurt his bum-cheek. Not sure what he did, but am sure he finished it.

The event, was fun, but could have done with the following;
Not just gels every 3 or so aid station
Not just water every aid station
Fruit, salty stuff, electrolyte drinks were not there. As it went way of 20 degrees and the sun was nice and burning, a lot of people seem to struggle.
Don't get me wrong, it's good event, but you would have thought they would have covered that. But, read the website and it does say clearly what they would provide. And they did exactly that. Luckily I had 4 Zipvit bars. And a great breakfast, sort off.

So we finished, in the 4:22:54, not exactly my target time. But what can we say. I had fun.

So much for now, Kingston Garmin 8.2 miles on Sunday 13 Oct, then Amsterdam Marathon Sunday 20 Oct. Then hooray. Season is over. Less running, more gym/weights.

Saturday 28 September 2013

Nearing the end of the season

I can go on and on about the Marathon des Sables 2013. Clearly that was the event of the year for about 1050 people. It was a great event, and I will be back in 2015. I have made great friends. I have also met a few wastes-of-space. But that is life.

Three more events until this year is over. 

06 October, the Bournemouth Marathon, with Colin Brett, Wayde Edwards and John Skinner. I am sure Colin will be back home in London while we are finishing. But hopefully I will get my 03:45. Either way Bournemouth is a fun place so look forward to it.

13 October, Human Race Kingston Run. 8.2 miles, starting 5 minutes from my home at the Kingston market. Nasreen Suleman will be running this with me. Normally a nice event, start at 08:00 back home 09:15. 

20 October, the Amsterdam Marathon. Danny Kendall, Felix Allen and Joop Keizer will be there. This will only be my second event in he Netherlands. Hope it will be fun.

15 September I was able to squeeze in the London Duahlon sprint distance in Richmond Park. 10k run, 22k bike, 5k run. My run started 09:06 and I was back home 12:10. So can't complain. At least a multi-sport event as cycling has been far and between this year. 

Next year so far, 10th of May Transvulcania in La Palma. 83k run on a volcanic island. 
01 June, Switzerland 70.3 Ironman. 

I will do some individual write ups of the last events. 

For now, going for a quick run around the block.

Sunday 25 August 2013

Ultraks - Matterhorn - Zermatt

Above pictures from my event in Zermatt. Route - Zermatt - Ultraks

Obviously being from the Netherlands, where hills are rare and mountains are most likely non-existent. There were 3 distances, 16km, 30km and 46 km.
My time was 6.16
Time and information of my run.

Great event. Lovely city Zermatt. I stayed in the Primavera hotel. Good value for money. I had 2 evenings dinner in Walliserstube. Mainly as it was next to the hotel. Great place. Both recommended if you ever stay in Zermatt.

The run itself was hard. Altitude, height, off road. But some spectacular views. Very well organised. 3 starts. I  missed the start of the 46k. I was glad I only choose the 30k. Hard enough as it was anyway. At the last 30 minutes it started raining. Slowly but surely it changed into a downpour. But at least I was nearly there. The views of the mountains are second to none. It's fully marked, and where the 30K and 46K have to take a different route, it's clearly marked as well. The descents are quite technical sometimes. The climbs are not that technical, just high and long and don't stop.

Flickr with all pictures

This event is the same family as the Transvulcania in La Palma.

I would recommend the event. It's a bit of a trip. Flight to Geneva or Zurich and then a 3 hour train with  a change in Visp. Clearly an outdoor skiing town. Clearly cold, -3 the Sunday 25 August when departing.

I don't want to write loads of things, merely sharing some pictures.

Have fun.

Saturday 10 August 2013

Sorry, been a while.

I know it has been a while. Quite a while even. I'm just back from a week in Spain. Running and cycling near Mijas in the hills. Clearly my cycling fitness is not what it used to be. So another quest. So I've picked up cycling. Guess I actually need a schedule now. Swimming this year taken a backseat. Means, swam once. In a pool and not even open water. OMG. ;-)

As I've move to Zurich for work, I do most of my training there. Which is good, as it's all up-hill (and down to get back of course).

The hills around Mijas are fab. Tough, hot and beautiful. Coming towards us soon is the Running Show in Sandown Park Esher near London. This year there will be an ultra running corner where yours truly, Rory Coleman (Rory) and others will be present.

Lost Worlds Racing (Lost Worlds Racing) has been very busy. Tim Holmstrom the owner had been able to add a few new races (check them out), in Greece (Meteora) and Transylvania (Dracula).

A lot is happening and myself I have a few little races coming up:

  • Zermatt Switzerland - Ultraks - 24 August - Hopefully with Dave James Tsakanikas (assuming he joins) Dave James
  • Bournemouth Marathon - BMF - 06 October with Colin Brett, Wayde Edwards, John Skinner.
  • Kingston Run - Kingston - 13 October with Nasreen Suleman
  • Amsterdam Marathon - AMS - 20 October with Joop Keizer - Joop. Check this man out. 71 (or a bit older) and fast as the wind. 
Guess that will be it for this year than. Hooray. 

And icing on the cake, 11 August, a MdS training run in Richmond Park. Despite no MdS on the horizon.

Hope you all feel cool and see you soon.

Promise, next one will not make you wait this long. Or maybe it will. Do I care :-)


Friday 26 July 2013

It has been a while.

I just noticed it is over a month ago. I have in the mean time started a role in Zurich, Switzerland. Benefit: roads go up and up and and up and then down. Coming up is vacation in Mijas Spain. Mountain and hill cycling and running, bring it on. 

Them 24 August to Zermatt, for a 30k running event. Mentally I am ready, physically I hope so. 

I have recovered a while back from the DNF so life has continued. Zurich is a very fit outdoor life city. Joined a gym there and have been running. Lots of running. Enjoy it, but am away a lot. Seems skiing may be on the cards or not :-)

Not much further to say. Will do some updates while in Spain.

For now, keep clean and try harder. 

Sunday 16 June 2013

South Downs Way 100 - DNF

Yes, and not just a little. I had to give up at aidstation 1. 10 miles (Well 9.85 actually) into the race. Why, well two things mainly:
1) the nerve in my left foot that had been bothering me in the past, decided it was time to play up again.
2) that resulted in my brain knowing what would happen, I started to be in the wrong place in my mind.

So I Did Not Finish (DNF). But such is life and life moves on. Am I disappointed, yes of course. The weather was "great". Great is relative of course.

I would like to thank the organisation of Centurion Running and the volunteers. Bringing me back to the car and later on being able to pick up my dropbags at the 70 mile station.

At least meant I had a quick chat with Stewart Liesnham and Mark-John Greenfield who were volunteering there.

So nothing now (race) till 24 August when there is a 30 km near the Matterhorn is at the menu.

I also was a bit tired as while I should have been out running with Rob Jones and Wayde Edwards (thanks, guys, sorry for not allowing you to run the SDW ;-)) I slept. I slept over 11 hours. Which is very rare for me. So maybe I was a bit tired.

But life goes on. Another day another chance.

I've been watching some Ironman events on television, and realise I need to get back into this. Been swimming a few times which was ok. Been cycling once, which was less than ok. I was in pain. So first week of August, I'll be out in Marbella with Ollie and Mark (and the ladies) doing some cycling. So bike preparation / set up scheduled for 29 July, day before we fly out.

So this was it for today. Typing this while watching the MdS 2013. Soon 2015 registration opens I hope.

Ok, so much for now. Speak soon.

Friday 31 May 2013

South Downs Way 100 - 2 weeks to go

I think I am ready. I had a hard session in the gym today, and couldn't walk the stairs afterwards. I also had a number of good runs and bike rides. I will note bore you all with how long, how far, how fast. 

I understand a number of my MdS compadres will be at the the SDW100. Which should be fun. I think I worked out logistics getting there. Getting back hopefully will be sorted next week. 

I may have stated this before but SDW100 is a 100 mile/160 km race between Winchester and Eastbourne. And you have 30 hours to finish. It wouldn't classify as a walk in the park as we are nowhere near a park. 

After this, I will have some rest and nothing booked until October 6, 13 and 21. Oops that is 3 weeks in a row. Just two marathons and an 8.2m/13.2km in between.

I must say I really look forward to this SDW100. Not sure why, but the weather seems to be heating up and with a bit of luck, it will be more than  degrees even going through the night. If not well hey, we'll get wet. 

As it is two weeks, this will be the last post about it, as the rest will be some more running and other stuff. Not that exciting to read/write about.

My next one will go about the exciting Planet ULTRA and a hot place in the Mediterranean. But more about that next time.

For now, speak soon.


Wednesday 22 May 2013

South Downs Way 100 - Why, UTMB/WESR explanation

What is the relevance, for me, of the Centurion Running South Downs Way 100 miles event. This starts in Winchester and finishes in Eastbourne following the South Downs Way.

1) If finished within 24 hours (my aim) than you will get the 24 hour - 100 mile buckle. This is the standard for the great 100 miles runs across the world.
2) If finished within 30 hours (the cut-off) and this would still make me happy I will qualify for:
3) Western States 100 Endurance Run - WSER the mother of all 100 miles (my words).
4) I will have 7 Ultra-Trail de Mont-Blanc - UTMB - 160 km run in the Alps, covering France, Italy and Switzerland.
5) I will just be happy to finish it and have this under my belt.

It's still part of my personal quest. I still whole-heartedly support Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Charity, but I'm now focussing on running for myself for a while. This may sound selfish, and maybe it is, but it is what it is.
I will do other things with the charity to support them.

In two years time, 2015, I will be doing the MdS again (her 30th birthday so hope I get in) and may run for charity again.

It is interesting, the difference of events people I met in the Marathon des Sables are now choosing as their next event.  But about this later.

This short blog is just to explain UTMB and WESR to people.

Friday 10 May 2013

South Downs Way 100 Preparation

It's 36 days from now (15 June) that the South Downs Way 100 starts. For those of you not in the know, this is a trail / path between Winchester and Eastbourne in the South of England and is 100 miles (160 km) long. The event organised by Centurion Running and the intention is to finish it within 30 hours.
It starts the 15th June at 0600 so you should be done by the 16th of June 1200. If you finish within 24 hours you will get the buckle that proofs you did it in one day. Which is what I am aiming for, but if I finish in 29 hours and 59 minutes I will be equally happy.
Why do I want to finish in 24 hours? This would enable me to register for Badwater Ultra and/or Spartathlon.
The above picture is courtesy of

I believe that I have secured a pacer for the last 30 miles. Thank you Wayde.
I also believe I've secured a sleeping place the night before. Thank you Jackie and Ollie.
I now need to work out how many dropsbags and what to put in them.

Despite it's going to be hard, it's going to be different from the MdS. It's a one day event, I don't really have to carry food, just water. There are about 15 aid stations with different distances. So it will be a case of running aid station to aid station. A good indicator will be going through aid station 2 which is 22.6 miles in and about 12 miles from aid station 1. So getting through that will mean less than 80 miles to go.

Tomorrow the Transvulcania starts in Las Palmas and like from last weeks runners in the Giant's Causeway I will draw motivation from that. As well as all the stories that you can leave on my Facebook page or in comment of this blog. Or twitter them if you are a person of few words.

Twitter Michiel
Facebook Michiel

Interestingly is that finishing the SDW100 would give me 4 UTMB points, together with the 3 from the MdS I can actually enter the ballot. Which I may do. UTMB, despite being iconic it is not really on my list at this moment in time.

So as it's called preparation, what am I doing:
I've so far secured a pacer from mile 70. Which is important as it's 50K to go through the dark.
I've been running on the South Downs Way, Winchester side twice now c.10 mile in. So that part I'm comfortable with.
I hope that I can actually do some running at the Clayton Windmills area as that is the last 30 miles, which means when it's dark and it's the where people get lost part.
I've been running in the hilliest (not very really) parts of Richmond Park, but if you run up and down them enough, it will start to hurt. And it's around the corner, Clayton Windmills is 70 miles and Winchester is about 40 miles so quite a distance for a run. But very beautiful, so it's worthwhile going there.
And I just run, or swim or go to the gym. Whatever, makes me get up and move.

For the rest there isn't much I can do. But I'm drawing motivation from others, as I said.

So for now, going to watch some tv and rest.

Speak soon

Sunday 5 May 2013

Lost Worlds Racing Ireland Giant's Causeway Part 2

Sharing a room in bunk beds. Ty, Jake and Mark. We had a four one but he disappeared. A very good event, weather not great but the runners seemed happy. Standing around or making pictures not so great. The light for pictures was not good, I was told.

As I never been to the Giant's Causeway didn't know what to expect. Very beautiful, like shaped by men, but created by nature, however men could not create this.

The 100k started at 0600, and was won by Irish Jonny Steede who finished in 8:35. Impressive as it was his first 100k.

The 50k started at 1300, as I was out and about I didn't see the start so can't say much.

The 25k started at 1530 (I believe).

I saw most runners at the Giant's Causeway where they had to go up a very long slope to be finished of by a steep pair of stairs. They were hurting that was clear.

Then back to the last feed station at Dunseverick Castle to take more pictures and provide more moral support.

Finally back to the finish where I drove some of the exhausted athletes back to their hostels. It was good to see so many people finish. It was a hard day, due to the weather and the course. But as they say themselves no pain no gain.

The last person, Eric, blade runner arrived just before 2300 having run his first 25k ever. Very impressive result and Eric was very happy.

This I guess is why supporting is almost as good as participating. Seeing people reach the next level and the fact they appreciate the support.

But support on a long run like this is hard, harder than expected.

Both a good day, and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Met some great people and it is time now to go back to the airport.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Lost World Racing Ireland Giant Causeway Part 2 race day

<p dir=ltr>Wake up 0400, leave at 0500 for a 0600 start. Early lead by Irish Jonny Steed, followed at distance by Dave James from the USA.

The rains have stopped and the big yellow ball aka the sun came out.

At 2:10 Jonny came through aid station 2 at 24km.

At 0945 the 25k and a 50k runner are enjoying breakfast at the Fullerton Arms.

In a moment Erik and I will go set up the 50k start near the ropebridge in Ballintoy.

Lots if pictures with the pro pix from Ian Coreless.
More later.

Friday 3 May 2013

Lost World Racing Ireland, Giant Causeway - 50/100 km running event. Part 1 arrival day.

I arrived at Belfast City Airport. Leaving the sun in London behind for the rain in Northern Ireland. Great planning, not! Drove from Belfast to Ballintoy via Ballycastle. Had a nice lunch in Ballycastle.

Ballintoy is a street with pubs and sleeping and eating places next to the Giant Causeway. There is not much else. Ballycastle actually has a bit of a city centre.

Sitting in the Sheep View Lodge. People start to arrive. Mainly USA so far. It is going to be fun, I am sure of that.

We are in a hostel, sharing bunk beds. Like when we were young.

So far the weather cleared up, but as I am not running, don't mind that much.

Good learning of things to change and improve or keep as they are.

So,we have toilets, running water, towels and food cooked. Not bad, after a week camping in the sand.

Tonight we all will be informed of things to come. I hope. More tomorrow.

Saturday 27 April 2013

Marshall at the Bushy Park Run and my week.

The parkrun ( is a series of events globally of a 5 km run. Weekly on Saturday, free of charge.

I have done this before. I use the opportunity to take pictures. They are viewable @ . Not just mine, all of them.

Today I was at the first marshall point, as opposed to the last one first time. Today the first runners come through at about 4-5 minutes and the last ones 12-15 minutes after start.
This shows the event caters for all levels. This includes people with a baby trolley doing 5 min km's.

So why do I write about it. When the last person comes through at the first point, I cycled back and the first people finished.

The nice thing is people take time to thank you, they love the interaction. This is I part what running is about interacting with others but by yourself, if that makes sense.

For those of you not having done a parkrun, I suggest you join them. They are great fun. And don't forget to volunteer once and a while.

Earlier this week I started my SDW100 training and went down to Winchester. I will be back there next week. Most likely Tuesday.

I spend a lot of time mapping the route into my garmin, during the week. I been told it is worthwhile having. Now I do thanks to

I look forward to the SDW100, but it is scary, a little. Another comfort zone break. Which we got to love. Break the mould, build a new mould and break it again.

On Sunday some of us will be meeting up for an after the event training running Richmond Park. Gotta be good.

So the moral of the week. Don't know, make up your own moral.

Despite they say quality over quantity in training, a 3k run at not great quality is better than no exercise which clearly has no quality.

I need to put swimming back in my schedule, just not sure how yet. My usual lakes opened for early morning (Saturday or Sunday). But I think it may be near freezing. Will give it a few week.

At the bottom a little picture of the start of the event.

Monday 22 April 2013

My Nutrition - in the Marathon des Sables

A lot is written about a lot, I didn't write a lot about my food, but want to write about my snacks. 

The Marathon des Sables has a mandatory requirement for all participants to have a minimum of 2000 calories per day for food.
My personal split was:
800 calories breakfast freeze dried
400-600 calories per day snacks (split between Bounce Balls, Quest bars and Peperami firestick)
1000 calories dinner freeze dried food

During the day / the race it self, there is time to use freeze dried food, but it's not very convenient. This is when the "snacks" of which bounce balls was a part.

Bounce Balls was a choice as they have coconut, calorie to weight ratio is good, easy to eat and digest and texture is as I like it.

I had a variation of tastes from Bounce Balls and Quest Bars to keep it interesting.

It is very clear to me that the taste, convenience and texture of Bounce Balls was a main factor in being able to eat while moving. 

The unpack easily, they deal with the heat and don't take up a lot of space in the pack nor do they weigh a lot.

In any either mulit-day or ultra-event I would happily recommend Bounce Balls. Due to the variety of tastes and what has been mentioned before.

There have been more than one moment that I appreciated having the readily available energy from Bounce Balls available as a quick injection.

Important is a variation of tastes, textures and split between sweet and savoury.
Important is also weight to calorie ratio. You want as much calories as possible for as little weight as possible.

An important factor for me in choice was coconut taste. Bounce Balls and Quest Bars both have this.
Spicy - this is where the Firesticks come in.

However, nutrition and taste is personal so try it out, do not just take my word for it.

Friday 19 April 2013

South Downs Way 100 - Part 1

There is still time to give:

Of course to beat the post MdS blues one has to go to new adventures. One will be, the 15 and 16 June attempt to do 100 miles in the South Downs Way in less than 24 hours.

In no priority order:
Badwater 135 miles ultra marathon in Death Valley USA
Spartathlon 256 km in Greece.
Also it's 4 points for the UTMB.
Because I can (or will try).

I have also pre-registered for the 2015 (year 30) Marathon des Sables. This means nothing, it just means you will get an email saying at what time and day the MdS 2015 registration opens. It doesn't mean you are in.
For now, I'm interested.

For next year the Brazil Jungle Marathon is on the cards. And I may have two compadres (Patrick and Wayde). This would be good.

Means I can rest in Rio de Janeiro and Buzios (I hope) after wards.

I think I need to have a look at my therunningaroundmethod website. Needs some updating.

I'm also in process of doing somewhat more with regards to running events. More about this later. I'm excited but need to get my head around it.

On the 3rd of May I'm flying to Belfast to meet the people for the LostWorldsRacing event in the Giant Causeway.

This year in term of volume is quiet year. Just the Amsterdam Marathon (next to the SDW 100) and that is it.

Time must have flown, because it's nearly the end of April and Bray Lake and Heron Lake are opening again for openwaterswimming. I will go and pick it up. There may not be a triathlon this year (can change) but I need to keep the swimming up.

Hot Bikram Yoga is over, will go standard Yoga and Pilates.

A view from the desert below. I loved it there and will go back.

Thursday 18 April 2013

MdS 2013 - Part 11 - closure of this episode.

There is still time

Thank you my tent mates and friends for live:
Zoe Salt, Wayde Edwards, Simon Martin, Simon Triscott, Robert Jones, Colin Brett, John Skinner.

Would we have ever met if we would have not signed up for the 2013 Marathon des Sables?

Was it life changing? No. Has it changed some of my thinking and what is important? Yes. It is hard to say that it was the most important event in my life. I have 3 beautiful children.

So what was it:

The suffering. The heat at the day with warm water. The cold at night on your head.
The friendship.
An intimacy that goes beyond the norm?
The country?
The people. - Let's stick with people: c.1000 people running through the desert. What do you run into, people who live there. Interesting and it makes you think.
The brotherhood/sisterhood and support.
Some people got their bags lost, they were better of after than before (matter of speech). Because everybody chipped in.
The honor to be in a tent - The Richmond Park Tent with like minded supportive friends. Whatever happens. They will be friends forever.
The support of family and friends who were not in Morocco.

As this blog is also for people who were not there let me recap:
Flying out of London Gatwick 04 April, arrival in Ouarzazate same day.
One night in a lovely hotel.
Than 05 April in a bus for about 6 hours to go 320km (or so) north to the camp.
The last 5k we were transferred in old US army trucks. Thanks to the Moroccan Army I believe.
Two nights in the camp. Clearly this is a french event. Dinner is cooked and there is beer and wine.
During the day, the admin activities start and you end with only having your backpack with most needed/compulsory equipment.

There is a book by Ted Archer, Carved by God and Cursed by the Devil. This is the best description you can think of.

Then Sunday 07 April comes and it is day 1:
Self sufficient. Means cook your own food and carry the water given.
A 37.2 km run/jog/walk through the desert as a warm up.
Hygiene (basic) and privacy (more basic) rule the camp.
But also friendship and respect.
At about 1930 local time the camp is sleeping.
For as much as that is possible.
Day 1 is over.

Monday 08 April 30.7 km.
The shortest in distance. But probably the hardest. Climbing mountains, dunes, more mountains ending with rope to climb the last part.
In between it is hot, sandy, stony.
Coming at the end you can see the bivouac. So close and so far (4km only).

Tuesday 09 April 38 km
It is hot. Very hot. So we get more sand, dunes and climbs. Dunes are not always high, they are sometimes just endless. But no climbs needed.
O yeah, and what goes up, must go down. It is the day we are in my memory in what the desert looks like in peoples mind. A large sand pit with Dunes.

Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 April 75.5 km long stage.
We have until Thursday 1800 to finish.
The race leaders (top 50 or so) starts 3 hours after us mortals.
At checkpoint 2, for me about 5 hours in, the 2 leaders come by. That is 2 hours for them.
Then a long nothing.
Finally a familiar face: Danny Kendall the best brit. But regardless who they are, the love it people people cheer for them.
Then another familiar face, Alex Visram.
Than between CP2 and CP3 the lady lead Laurence Klein (3 times winner) comes by. Followed, quite far by the ladies number 2 and 3.
Then I'm caught up by Zoe. Our own Richmond Park Tent champion and later number 3 of the womens. I run with her for about 10 minutes (could be 3 but felt like 10).
Going through CP3 and not to far from CP4 this lady catches up and we chat. She asks if I speak french, to realise it is Laurence Klein. She went to hard and 50 degrees has no mercy.
We arrive at CP4 and I decide to go on to CP5 which brings me 54.5km into the 75.5km.
I'm tired but following the laser it's doable. Shame the laser doesn't come any closer. :-)
At 2045 I arrive at CP5 and decide to make bed for the night. I calculate in my head (which isn't very clear) that it will take me 10 hours at least now for the last 20 and probably way less in the morning after a rest.
It's interesting in CP5. It's coming and going of people but I like the buzz.
Wake up at 0500. Take sometime and set of at 0600 for arrival at 0800 at CP6 to arrive back at base at 1000.
I wasn't the only one, some elite runners spend the night and had to walk,
So again 8 left, 8 home.
I wasn't well, I started falling asleep at 1600 feeling rough and only to look up for the cold Coca Cola.
Than more sleep.
Thank you my tent mates, you thoughts help me.

Friday 12 April. Last day, 42.195km
What can I say. The last day. Still hot, still sandy, climbing, dunes, mountains. But still in my dream land, the desert.
At about 20km in, I bump into Genis Pieterse. And we decide to do the rest together. It's not a run, but we have lots to talk about. I want to go over there and visit him (and Tanya his wife) as he's a great bloke with a bag way to heavy and big.
At the last 6k or so we bump into somebody who was into a bad state. Nurses and helicopter there. Genis and I decide and offer to take him under our wing so he can finish. And he did finish. Well done.
We come through a deserted (or something like it) village. And in the distance is the bivouac. Distance means 4 kg.
We walk happily the 3 of us. I'm beaten by the man in a cow suit, but who cares a man who can do the MdS mainly in a cow suit is tough as nails and deserves to beat me.
I run the last 1km or so. And when arrive my friends are there. It's more important for me to hug them (as much as possible) then to go over the line quickly Nothing quick about my times. See below.
Then the long awaited medal.
At least we get normal food and it is cooked, rather than a bag with freeze dried and luke warm

Saturday 13 April. 7.7k Fun/charity run/walk.
The time below is a guess. As shuffling is least painful movement. Once done, another 6 hours in a bus. To the hotel. A shower and cold drinks and food.

Sunday 14 April.
To the clinic for last blister treatment. To the shop for the t-shirt pick up and some shopping.
Zoe and I go to town to do some shopping.
Then we meet up in Kasbah des Sables. The nicest restaurant in Ouarzazate I believe, If not, I would love to go to the nicest. It's great and we have a 3.5 hour lunch or so.

Ouarzazate and Berbere Palace are interesting. They are gateway to the desert and lots of films made in the area. Happily go back there.

Time/Distance per stage.

Notable things.
Since I've pre-registered for 2015
A blind man finished the MdS (10th time)
The French Firefighters carried 3 kids across the desert. A different kid between CP's.
A man in a blade finished the MdS.
The winner of last year in both man and woman quit.
Some of the days were the hardest ever according to people who had done it before.
Some first time starters finished in the top 10.

It's worth going there and suffer.

So what is next?
You will notice in the future.

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Part 10 - MdS 2013 why?

Yesterday we were all back from a lifetime experience, the 2013 Marathon des Sables  in or on our way to the countries we live in. Of course all excited and proud.

We then learn about the news in the Boston Marathon.  My thoughts and respect go out to all directly and indirectly involved. 

I am shocked and disgusted that anybody thinks this will support their case. Not knowing as I have no answers  I assume that this was not just an unfortunate accident.

Sunday 14 April 2013

Part 9 - We Are Back

Pictures and stuff will come. But we are back. What was considered an event with some of the hardest days ever in MdS history.  Mr. Bauer did a good job with some flaws to change. He should continue this.
Great tent mates. We had already met but a week in a tent sharing an small space builds something special. I did how I wanted to end.
My friends did better then I could have expected but maybe I under estimated them.
It is a place as the book says Carved by God, Cursed by the Devil.
It is probably one of the most breath taking places on earth. And the MdS will help take your breath away.
Feet have blisters, legs and ankles are swollen. But it is worthwhile going thru this pain.
It has changed some of my thinking and opinions.
Thanks all who supported me. Without you it would have been much harder.
I will come back soon with more.
Please feel free to donate via or search for me.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Part 8 of 2013 - 2 nights.

Well, nearly there. What has been in the making for the best part of 2 years and introduced me to a lot of great people, is upon me.
Thursday 04 April we are flying to Ouarzazate. One or two nights hotel, then camp then it all starts on Sunday.
So far I can only think about the sun and the fact I am thankful for great support from family and friends and colleagues.

This weekend I had 3 runs on the beach in Sandbanks. Cold but fab.

So my last run was Monday. Weight session today and probably nothing tomorrow.

Doing last bits and pieces like getting Euro's and finish packing back.

I am ready to go and feel fab. However it will be a great adventure. I am going to a place I always wanted to go. The desert.

I will get picture which will go up. But not till I am back 15 April.

Hopefully I have more to say when I am back. Currently not much more as I have just been training. Which is running and weights. But that is not very exciting :-)
Not really sure what else to write.

When back I will get more involved and have planned next adventures. As they say, you will only regret what you have not done.

Speak again 15 April

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Part 7 of the new year = 2013

So it's 3 weekends and 4 days before we fly out. That's still long, but I'll be distracted all weekends.
1) Birthday dinner
2) 2 of my kids in Netherlands having their sweet 16 and sweet 18 birthday.
3) friends over and we'll hopefully end up in Las Iguanas.

Than Monday and Tuesday work. Wednesday pack Thursday fly.

So nearly there. And it's time as I'm bored and tired of training in the cold. Had a good banter with Wayde on Sunday about not listening to his advice going to Wales and he not listening to my advice running across Richmond Park. Well at least, we agreed on the we didn't listen to eachother.

Today I met a colleague who is going to run the London Marathon for Muscular Dystrophy. Not sure what it is, but guess it's to do with reduced or lost working muscles. Guess I could look it up, but sometimes you just should be able to say I don't know.

We had quite a week on the MdS Facebook page after the announcement that the last day is now a 7.7km fun/charity run, where I believe friends/family of runners and sponsors of the MdS can run in return of sponsoring Unicef I believe. Which of course is a great cause and admirable. However it came as a surprise that it seems that it's now 5 stages/6 days rather than 6 stages/7 days. But of course, there is the 7.7km which could be the 6th stage. Personally I still seem to be unclear if the 7.7km is mandatory. But upon a great suggestion of Simon, we'll run it with our flag, as the MdS Richmond Crew.

Talking about flags, this week I got my flags, a little one for on my bag and  larger one, which I need to ask Simon what it is for.

Luckily it now seems cleared up that gel and powders count as long as it is in the original packing with the original weight and calories on it. So that's good news.

I've got my box of Peperami Firesticks, for the spice.

It's to be mentioned we have a doctor in or tent who is going to bring his doctors case I am told. :-) We also have Zoe, who is going to end up in the top 10 I think.

And we have John, where when we back we can all join into his hot water tubs he has. The are much bigger than tubs, but it's to point out how diverse we are.

I hope I  mentioned everybody, if not I apologize.

Hope that winter goes away now. Tired of the snow (all two inches) that stops the country. Tired of the cold, that is boring. However today (12 March) was nice.

For the rest, I've got all my stuff. I am not gonna care how much it exactly is, 10, 9.5, 10.5 Too much knowledge. I need what I need.

So look foward catching up and seeing most of the MdS participants soon, at an airport near us.

Time to go to the heat.

Sunday 3 March 2013

Part 6 of the New Year being 2013

Well nearly there. Mentally and physically I am ready. I can see most of us are, we are getting itchy and want to go out and experience it.

Did the 50k London Ultra on February 17, wasn't pleased but it helped me change my pain boundary a bit more, so that was good. This is a great event and worthwhile participating in. But picked up the name of what I think may be a very good restaurant that I would need to sample when back.

Did Bath Half Marathon on March 03 and was 12 minutes faster than last year. So pleased with that.

Now I want to go to this desert and get started. Got all my kit, including socks (both X-socks and DryMax).

Got all the food, everything else. Even a box of Peperami Firestick of which I may take a few.

Have met already a number of great people and look forward to meeting even more great people.

Still going on with Hot Bikram Yoga and will actually  need to pick up Pilates. Not sure if I continue with Hot Bikram Yoga at the same volume but will keep it in the system.

I have been lucky that work has brought me to Chesterfield (which is up North UK) where everything goes up - hill. So runs there are tougher than here in London.

We had a group lunch on 24 February with the tent people. And all thanks to Simon Martin for arranging the Richmond Park Flag.

Also thank you to those people who have donated to my chosen charity. See link below.

So probably one or two more episodes of this blog before we go and that would be it.

Saturday 9 February 2013

Part 5 of the new year

I think it's about another 54 days before we go to Gatwick to get a plane to Ouarzazate in Morocco. We will hang around for 2 days before we kick of with an approximate 33k run in the desert for the 28th Marathon des Sables.

I've changed my training regime a bit. Decided that running is obviously important but being repetitive in the same movement is a cause of injuries. So I still run about 50k per week but that is it. Everything else is Pilates/Yoga/Weights or other cardio machines.

I have decided that some of the greatest names in ultra-running come from Greece or have a Greek background. As I was born there, I consider this a psychological advantage. Like me, 2 of the 3 have a Greek background but do not live there and/or have left a long time ago. The third one I doubt ever left Greece but is one of the original ultra-runners.

What i have added is a 10k powerbag in a backpack and run for an hour on a treadmill. The torture of running an hour on a treadmill is horrendous. I think you don't need waterboarding, you just have people run on a treadmill and they will talk and tell you everything you always wanted to know.

Had a good equipment comparison session with Wayde earlier the week. Made me think about a few things. Which I have now changed. Think it made Wayde think as well.

So I am nearly ready with everything. The last pieces will come from the Triathlon show in Sandown in March.

Simon Martin the creative art director of the Richmond Park runners has designed our flag. It's a deer in Red, White and Blue. Which covers the UK flag but also the Dutch flag. As we are an international bunch in that tent. Dutch, British, South African, Australian (well half).

I have been doing a lot of Hot Bikram Yoga and I do see improvements. So that's a plus. What's a bit of a minus is a massive blood blister on the sole of my foot. But I'm sure that'll be healed by the time I am in Morocco. Maybe if I did something about it or gave it a rest it would go faster. But that would be too easy.

I now have two events coming up. The London Ultra 50k (if you don't get lost) from Grove Park to Percivale Athletic Track in Ealing and the Bath Half Marathon. Hope it stops raining before that.

This week we did some interesting other stuff. We got a copy of East End Boys by Govinder, which matches his West End Girls. I also had frame an original advertisement board for my grand-fathers arts and antique business in the Netherlands. For those interested in a picture of the house. ;-) Once the frame and board is back, I'll post a picture as well.

Above is Kasteel Genhoes (Castle Genhoes) in the South of the Netherlands.

Ok, nothing more to write, for the moment, so be safe out there.

Feel free to donate or have a look at my website

Monday 28 January 2013

Part 4 of the new year

Well I guess it is really coming closer. I've sorted my food. An eclectic mix of Mountain House, Expedition Food www.expeditionfoods.comand and Reiter Travel Lunch. Using some stuff I had and ordered some new. Mountain House 2*1190 calorie spaghetti and a load of high energy breakfasts from Expedition Food.

Now I need my snacks. I am talking with makers of bounce balls and the makers of chimpanzee bars to see if they are so friendly to donate some food in exchange for wearing their flag on my bag or shirts.

I also decided on my shirts (Under Armour Heat Gear) and have ordered a 2XU short/compression tight integrated. Not sure about the 2XU one, depends on how tight. Would have liked to try a Salomon one Exo S-Lab Twin Skin Short but out all are out of stock.

I have decided on my shoes The North Face Hayasa and I will go to the recommend Clapham cobbler. Recommended by two well known MdS runners, namely Simon Martin and Wayde Edwards. I was thinking of putting middle nick names for them but couldn't think of any.

The main item not decided on is my sleeping bag. Yes I have one but I doubt that even with a silk liner it will do.

I've taken up sleeping in the spare room with my Klymit mat and Bench Mummy sleeping bag as part of the training. Not comfortable yet with my Klymit. So that has to improve otherwise I may re-think.

Hot Bikram Yoga has commenced again. I've added treadmill running and have been able to be on a treadmill for 50 minutes with a 10k bag. It's not the 10k bag, it's the boring as hell treadmill that is the issue.

I'm lucky, my doctor will do my ECG and form, however I am not as lucky as other people who'se doctor isn't charging. But can't complain, saves me a trip to Stevenage.

I've also got myself a cheap £8 mp3 player with 8Gb and normal battery. For when I need a boost. I did ask some old pro-cyclists for some boost advice but they could help out in the desert.

I've seen a really light weight (57 gr) jacket that is on my list. For those chilly nights.

I'm doing probably not enough running, but it's augmented by lots of other activity (Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Weights, Cycling, Swimming (not a lot)), so I'm quite comfortable that in about 66 days I will be there and ready.

So for now, another episode done and some more browsing for stuff I need.

Saturday 19 January 2013

2013 Part 3

This week I realised something, which I did know for a long time, but it came home much harder.

You would think what have these words in common? Well I think the perfect mix is if you have all 4 in the right doses. I don't know what the right mix is, but if you have only one, you will have issues.

The below are my assessments - they do or may not be in line with the Oxford or any other dictionary or thesaurus. But I never cared about being in line with anything or anybody so why start now?
What is a warrior - a person who has fear but knows how to overcome this and uses it as an advantage in their quests for greatness.
What is a worrier - a person who worries and doesn't really know how to overcome this worry and therefor it will hold the person back in their quest for greatness.
What is a Do-Er - a person who does things and is lucky that it sometimes goes right and sometimes goes wrong. But in the main, stuff gets done. But it could be done better.
What is a Thinker - a person who thinks it through and than does things. This person gets it right a lot of times, but less happens due to the thinking.

The above is my view and is not a value statement on people or people who apply any of the above trick of their trades. None of them is right or wrong.

So what this all to do with the MdS? Well we are now getting close to about 11 weeks before we are there. People have had a number of years to think an the closer we get the more they think they are wrong.
Then there are people who will wait till the end and just go on a splash and do / buy everything they need.
There are people thinking so much they get worried. Which means they are worried and start thinking about how to remove their worry.
The warriors will just dive in. They may be worried or have thought it through, but they have overcome their fear.

I'm not sure why I wrote all of the above, but it's been in my mind for a while and I wanted to stop thinking about it and do something with it so I wouldn't get worried and end up in a war with my self.

So Hot Bikram Yoga is really a benefit (thanks Wayde). I love it and will keep it up for another 1.5 months. I may do a heat chamber in Kingston University but not sure yet.

Today (19 Jan) I had a really great 30 minutes run on the treadmill with a 10k powerbag in my back. It even made the time on the daunted treadmill go faster (well not faster but I didn't get that bored). So a plus. Did a bit of running in the snow this week, very enjoyable. I should have done more, Hopefully I can get myself out of bed tomorrow (20 Jan) in time to be in Richmond Park at 08:30.

I've ramped up on the TRX and other bodyweight exercises and reduced weight training in return.

My main worries are:
What sleeping bag? Well I have options, haven't decided yet. Thinking, thinking.
What shoes? Well I have 3 different pairs, haven't decided yet. Thinking, thinking.
For the rest I either have most or it's not a relevant thing to think about.

I had jabs this week, as I seem to get scratched by the only thorny plant on a mountain, I got Hepatitis (a or b don't know) and Tetanus jabs. My shoulder a bit sore, but in the main no issues.

I really look forward meeting the people in life in the sandpit and some others in London at the end of February.

I understand we get a little tent flag. The so called Richmond Park Tent. That's quite cool, will go well with my Greek (birth country, Netherlands (grow up country), United Kingdom (live country) flags.

So that's it for now. I will be back soon with more. First a trip to the Netherlands somewhere this week.

Monday 14 January 2013

2013 Part 2 of the new year

Most of my time has been spend doing Hot Bikram Yoga and Weight training. Very little has gone into real running.
As the Hot Bikram Yoga was in London, I did cycle there which added a 30k round trip, so not very guilty of not doing enough.

However, all instalments settled, €200 in February to go I believe. Most stuff bought. Three pairs of shoes, choose one. Luckily fellow runner Simon Martin has found a tailor in London, where I would need to bring my shoes to get the velcro stitched.

Signing up for more Hot Bikram Yoga and have a long run planned 18 January. Planned, not committed.

It's just over 11 weeks now, can't wait.

When I started this blog I wasn't sure what I was going to write. What I was sure about was that I wouldn't use it to tell you all my weekly kilometers or nutritional intake. There are enough out there that  do that. Also my training plan is not on here.

As I believe, as I won't be in the top 10, I'm going to have a blast and fun, and meet even more great people I'm chilled.

What I am doing is working/communicating with some recognized names in Ultra events to see what can be done as part of a show later this year. Very premature, but I really like it.

I would like to say how impressed I am of my friends who did the Country to Capital this weekend. Well done you all.

There is a lot going on right now in my life and I believe it's all for the better.

Two races coming up before we go of, London 50k Ultra and Bath Half Marathon.

My advice to my fellow runners and participants. Chill out, all of you are better trained than me, so you will make it as a walk in the park.

For now, I'm starving, need some dinner. Despite being on a diet. So speak soon.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

2013 Part 1 of the new year

This will be a small contribution, but I didn't want you all to think I had given up writing this. Primarily to show you guys/ladies I am ready.

As one of my compatriot runners said. About 13 weeks. That is less than it sounds in days, but better than months, 3. That is before we fly off on the 4th of April to Morocco to start running on the 7th of April. This will be 6 days, 42.195 km / 26.2 miles per day = 260 km  / 156 mile in those 6 days.

What a lot of fun will we have. We will laugh together and alone, cry together and alone. We will yell at each other and what ever other human emotion exists.
But as I understand it, it is an event never to forget.

It seems people are getting really nervous now. What shall I wear, what will my feet do? Love it. Winding each other up (and your self). ;-)

So what am I doing:
1) The Runners Festive - not such a good contribution this year. But at least 2 runs in Spain which included climbing on rubble. Only did about 45 km between 23/12 and 01/01.

2) Hot Bikram Yoga (yes you Wayde, thanks for this). ;-) Been 3 times now, will go another 5 times before I call it quits as boredom may start to kick in.

3) Pilates - need to pick back up.

4) Cycling - seems to go well. But probably not very useful in the desert this time.

So all in all - I'm ready. And I only will get readier every day. However I will be careful. I don't want to get ill or break something.

So far,  a new year, it's going to be a great year. I am sure of that. So for now, enjoy yourself. Be careful because illness and breaks at this stage could be severely limiting.