Saturday 9 February 2013

Part 5 of the new year

I think it's about another 54 days before we go to Gatwick to get a plane to Ouarzazate in Morocco. We will hang around for 2 days before we kick of with an approximate 33k run in the desert for the 28th Marathon des Sables.

I've changed my training regime a bit. Decided that running is obviously important but being repetitive in the same movement is a cause of injuries. So I still run about 50k per week but that is it. Everything else is Pilates/Yoga/Weights or other cardio machines.

I have decided that some of the greatest names in ultra-running come from Greece or have a Greek background. As I was born there, I consider this a psychological advantage. Like me, 2 of the 3 have a Greek background but do not live there and/or have left a long time ago. The third one I doubt ever left Greece but is one of the original ultra-runners.

What i have added is a 10k powerbag in a backpack and run for an hour on a treadmill. The torture of running an hour on a treadmill is horrendous. I think you don't need waterboarding, you just have people run on a treadmill and they will talk and tell you everything you always wanted to know.

Had a good equipment comparison session with Wayde earlier the week. Made me think about a few things. Which I have now changed. Think it made Wayde think as well.

So I am nearly ready with everything. The last pieces will come from the Triathlon show in Sandown in March.

Simon Martin the creative art director of the Richmond Park runners has designed our flag. It's a deer in Red, White and Blue. Which covers the UK flag but also the Dutch flag. As we are an international bunch in that tent. Dutch, British, South African, Australian (well half).

I have been doing a lot of Hot Bikram Yoga and I do see improvements. So that's a plus. What's a bit of a minus is a massive blood blister on the sole of my foot. But I'm sure that'll be healed by the time I am in Morocco. Maybe if I did something about it or gave it a rest it would go faster. But that would be too easy.

I now have two events coming up. The London Ultra 50k (if you don't get lost) from Grove Park to Percivale Athletic Track in Ealing and the Bath Half Marathon. Hope it stops raining before that.

This week we did some interesting other stuff. We got a copy of East End Boys by Govinder, which matches his West End Girls. I also had frame an original advertisement board for my grand-fathers arts and antique business in the Netherlands. For those interested in a picture of the house. ;-) Once the frame and board is back, I'll post a picture as well.

Above is Kasteel Genhoes (Castle Genhoes) in the South of the Netherlands.

Ok, nothing more to write, for the moment, so be safe out there.

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