Sunday, 14 April 2013

Part 9 - We Are Back

Pictures and stuff will come. But we are back. What was considered an event with some of the hardest days ever in MdS history.  Mr. Bauer did a good job with some flaws to change. He should continue this.
Great tent mates. We had already met but a week in a tent sharing an small space builds something special. I did how I wanted to end.
My friends did better then I could have expected but maybe I under estimated them.
It is a place as the book says Carved by God, Cursed by the Devil.
It is probably one of the most breath taking places on earth. And the MdS will help take your breath away.
Feet have blisters, legs and ankles are swollen. But it is worthwhile going thru this pain.
It has changed some of my thinking and opinions.
Thanks all who supported me. Without you it would have been much harder.
I will come back soon with more.
Please feel free to donate via or search for me.

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