Saturday 31 May 2014

Another blog, another day.

I wish I was a bit more like my friend Derek Stewart Derek's blog who is diligent in writing a blog every week. I wish I wasn't like him, because otherwise I had to live in Scotland, which is pretty, but not really sunny. But you can't have it all, nice people, crap weather. What's more important?

Today I cycled my 30k to Rapperswil-Jona over the hills (far away Teletubbies come to play) to rack my bike. So far, a whole day without rain. So far I actually know two other people, colleagues, who are participating as well. So that's interesting. Not sure why but it is.

It is the 70.3 (that is the distance in miles) Ironman (so it's half distance) Rapperswil-Jona. Been a while since I had an open water swim. Which is 1.2m/1.9k, but that should work as I did the distance (nearly) in the pool.

My wrist is also healed, almost. It's the wrist of the hand I use to catch my self when I fall of my bike or fall running, or fall in general. You should think that at my ripe old age of 28 I should know better.

Both a new 70.3 mug, I like mugs, they are good for coffee and tea. Not sure if my lovely fiancee agrees as I'm sure she believes I have enough running mugs.

I will now shut up as I've been told by my medicine man that my triathlon rant needs to be over. Got to love these people. Which I do. :-)

So, this week, I signed up and paid the downpayment to MdS 2015, 30th anniversary. Seems I know for sure at least 3 people already who are going. So that's something to look forward to.

This year, besides the not to mention event in Switzerland on 01 June, I have last weekend of August the T184. Flat, Thames Path from Thames Barrier to Thames Source. In 80 hours.

Then in September, Transylvania, Romania 50 or 100k at Dracula Castle. And in September I am doing the 10k with my youngest daughter Kim in Utrecht. Which is the one I look forward to most.

And maybe, but only maybe, the Polar Marathon in Greenland.

Then for 2015, I should be sensible and not really sign up any further events.

This week I bought a weighted running vest, 10kg. Felt good, going up a hill, makes you slower with 10 extra kg, but you never know what it's good for. It didn't feel awkward, just heavy. So will keep you up to date on that.

In June of to Cape Verde, 2nd time. Great place. However getting to the village maybe a bit harder, it's a 25k run rather than a 5k. But the island of Boa Vista is fabulous.

For the rest not much more to say. Weather seems to be on the up in Zurich, as we always need to mention the weather at least once.

For now, live free and enjoy.