Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ultraks - Matterhorn - Zermatt

Above pictures from my event in Zermatt. Route - Zermatt - Ultraks

Obviously being from the Netherlands, where hills are rare and mountains are most likely non-existent. There were 3 distances, 16km, 30km and 46 km.
My time was 6.16
Time and information of my run.

Great event. Lovely city Zermatt. I stayed in the Primavera hotel. Good value for money. I had 2 evenings dinner in Walliserstube. Mainly as it was next to the hotel. Great place. Both recommended if you ever stay in Zermatt.

The run itself was hard. Altitude, height, off road. But some spectacular views. Very well organised. 3 starts. I  missed the start of the 46k. I was glad I only choose the 30k. Hard enough as it was anyway. At the last 30 minutes it started raining. Slowly but surely it changed into a downpour. But at least I was nearly there. The views of the mountains are second to none. It's fully marked, and where the 30K and 46K have to take a different route, it's clearly marked as well. The descents are quite technical sometimes. The climbs are not that technical, just high and long and don't stop.

Flickr with all pictures

This event is the same family as the Transvulcania in La Palma.

I would recommend the event. It's a bit of a trip. Flight to Geneva or Zurich and then a 3 hour train with  a change in Visp. Clearly an outdoor skiing town. Clearly cold, -3 the Sunday 25 August when departing.

I don't want to write loads of things, merely sharing some pictures.

Have fun.

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