Tuesday 27 March 2018

Marathon des Sables 2013 Bib 710, 2015 Bib 324, 2018 bib 476

Marathon des Sables
06 April - 16 April of which 08 - 14 April in the sand and rock. Sleeping in a Bedouin tent in a bivouac after moving on foot an average of 40 km per day.

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To Children With Love

I'm pretty crap at keeping up a blog.
One more to add to the collection
I'm looking forward of meeting new people and seeing old friends.

In 2013 my house was an MdS warehouse, it's been a lot more civilised this time. I'm not even a 100% done with getting all the stuff. Well, just need some safety pins and hand-sanitiser.

Here is a link to my private SPOT tracker which I'll take.

But you can track me on the MdS website and send an email via a link that will appear there next week. Subject I believe is First/Last Name and Bib number, which for me is 476

Not sure what more to write