Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lost Worlds Racing Ireland Giant's Causeway Part 2

Sharing a room in bunk beds. Ty, Jake and Mark. We had a four one but he disappeared. A very good event, weather not great but the runners seemed happy. Standing around or making pictures not so great. The light for pictures was not good, I was told.

As I never been to the Giant's Causeway didn't know what to expect. Very beautiful, like shaped by men, but created by nature, however men could not create this.

The 100k started at 0600, and was won by Irish Jonny Steede who finished in 8:35. Impressive as it was his first 100k.

The 50k started at 1300, as I was out and about I didn't see the start so can't say much.

The 25k started at 1530 (I believe).

I saw most runners at the Giant's Causeway where they had to go up a very long slope to be finished of by a steep pair of stairs. They were hurting that was clear.

Then back to the last feed station at Dunseverick Castle to take more pictures and provide more moral support.

Finally back to the finish where I drove some of the exhausted athletes back to their hostels. It was good to see so many people finish. It was a hard day, due to the weather and the course. But as they say themselves no pain no gain.

The last person, Eric, blade runner arrived just before 2300 having run his first 25k ever. Very impressive result and Eric was very happy.

This I guess is why supporting is almost as good as participating. Seeing people reach the next level and the fact they appreciate the support.

But support on a long run like this is hard, harder than expected.

Both a good day, and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Met some great people and it is time now to go back to the airport.

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