Sunday 16 June 2013

South Downs Way 100 - DNF

Yes, and not just a little. I had to give up at aidstation 1. 10 miles (Well 9.85 actually) into the race. Why, well two things mainly:
1) the nerve in my left foot that had been bothering me in the past, decided it was time to play up again.
2) that resulted in my brain knowing what would happen, I started to be in the wrong place in my mind.

So I Did Not Finish (DNF). But such is life and life moves on. Am I disappointed, yes of course. The weather was "great". Great is relative of course.

I would like to thank the organisation of Centurion Running and the volunteers. Bringing me back to the car and later on being able to pick up my dropbags at the 70 mile station.

At least meant I had a quick chat with Stewart Liesnham and Mark-John Greenfield who were volunteering there.

So nothing now (race) till 24 August when there is a 30 km near the Matterhorn is at the menu.

I also was a bit tired as while I should have been out running with Rob Jones and Wayde Edwards (thanks, guys, sorry for not allowing you to run the SDW ;-)) I slept. I slept over 11 hours. Which is very rare for me. So maybe I was a bit tired.

But life goes on. Another day another chance.

I've been watching some Ironman events on television, and realise I need to get back into this. Been swimming a few times which was ok. Been cycling once, which was less than ok. I was in pain. So first week of August, I'll be out in Marbella with Ollie and Mark (and the ladies) doing some cycling. So bike preparation / set up scheduled for 29 July, day before we fly out.

So this was it for today. Typing this while watching the MdS 2013. Soon 2015 registration opens I hope.

Ok, so much for now. Speak soon.