Thursday 19 December 2013

Looking (Back, Now, Forward)

Pounds to be lost. Those are not currency pounds. They are weight pounds. Since the last event in October I've been eating and drinking more than exercising. I still have done PE but less than normal. The falling down stairs didn't help. But the volume has gone up slowly. More running and harder sessions. Think I need to get dreaded Xmas out of the way and get back working harder.

But so be it, at least I have noticed that running up the hill outside my house from 200 m to 600 m ascent is getting easier and easier.

It's been cold in Zurich, have even been doing some snow running. By coincidence rather than plan. Wasn't smart, as a simple fall with a big break could see you get killed in the cold. But, life wouldn't be so exciting without those little adventures.

Below, the view on the night of the 18-19 December in Zurich. The Xmas decorations in Bahnhofstrasse near Paradeplatz.

Below is the flame seen from Burkliplatz looking at the lake southbound. Not sure why there is this flame.

Never knew, but there is a such a thing as a gummi-bear shop. If you look good, you can see a gummi-bear wedding cake.

I've now been 6 months in Zurich. I must say, it's one of the fittest cities in the world. Not necessarily the healthiest, as the majority smokes. But in the main, the men and women are fit, very fit.

Yesterday evening while being out with some friends I discovered Kaffee Lutz. Believe me, lethal.
3 dlWasser heiß
0.5 TLKaffee Instantpulver trocken
2 clTräsch - 1
/2 Zwetschge
1/2 Birne Schnaps
Basically Schnaps, hot water, instant coffee, sugar in a glass tea/coffee cup.

Ok, new year coming upon us. Booked into some good events. See My WebSite for more details. Will be good, to be in a house on an island with the MdS crew. Running water and beds. What more can you want.

Ok, this was a short catch up. I still believe blogs should be short stories and not short novels.

So much for now. Have fun.

Thursday 5 December 2013

Xmas on its way

This is going to be a bit of a rambling one to cover multiple subject, of which not many have loads to do with running.

Everybody seems to know I don't like Xmas very much. As I've never made a secret about it. But there is a good rule I follow. This rule is: When The Facts Change I Change My Mind.
So being in Zuirch, it's a bit like being back in Boston. Xmas period feels like Xmas. No snow this week, (shame) but still. The Mulled/Gluhwein is flowing. Last night went out with two colleagues and had a blast. No gym or run.
To be fair, I decided that I like Xmas, but only if I choose to. Not because people have puppets singing and dancing Xmas songs. No people saying it's a jolly season. Very funny they have  multiple Xmas markets in Zurich. Benefit that they all are smaller and less busy, so you can get to the alcohol and food faster. Disadvantage, there are many. But it's a funny atmosphere and I don't mind it much.

Luckily I was good and did go to the gym Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. And may go on Friday. I'm still  staying away from the weights on the arms, use the for legs, but need physio first this week to know what I can and can't do.

Been using the Xcountry machine, for 45 minutes and more at a time. God that is boring, even if the view is Lake Zurich and mountains, and the other clientele is very scenic. But it's got to be done. Back to running next week, in the cold, up the hill and far away. Training for Transvulcania must start soon. Only 83km over a vulcano in May. Should be good.

This week my friend Simon Martin ran 100 miles. Well impressive my friend, well impressive.

So what is next, 2 more Zurich weeks before the year is over then Ezra and Bette in UK and Xmas and New Year and off to Holland for a week. Life couldn't be better. Well it could, I could be rich and pretty and not just one of them.

I made a Xmas wish list and there were no apple products on it. Just other products. Also found that in Zurich in Globus they sell long over the calf socks. How cool is that. Not the fancy colours I normally like, but Burlington with the diamonds. Maybe should get some of those.

So much for now, while watching a movie in my flat in Zurich. Back tomorrow to UK.

Speak soon, will do more before Xmas and New Year so no wishes yet.