Saturday, 27 April 2013

Marshall at the Bushy Park Run and my week.

The parkrun ( is a series of events globally of a 5 km run. Weekly on Saturday, free of charge.

I have done this before. I use the opportunity to take pictures. They are viewable @ . Not just mine, all of them.

Today I was at the first marshall point, as opposed to the last one first time. Today the first runners come through at about 4-5 minutes and the last ones 12-15 minutes after start.
This shows the event caters for all levels. This includes people with a baby trolley doing 5 min km's.

So why do I write about it. When the last person comes through at the first point, I cycled back and the first people finished.

The nice thing is people take time to thank you, they love the interaction. This is I part what running is about interacting with others but by yourself, if that makes sense.

For those of you not having done a parkrun, I suggest you join them. They are great fun. And don't forget to volunteer once and a while.

Earlier this week I started my SDW100 training and went down to Winchester. I will be back there next week. Most likely Tuesday.

I spend a lot of time mapping the route into my garmin, during the week. I been told it is worthwhile having. Now I do thanks to

I look forward to the SDW100, but it is scary, a little. Another comfort zone break. Which we got to love. Break the mould, build a new mould and break it again.

On Sunday some of us will be meeting up for an after the event training running Richmond Park. Gotta be good.

So the moral of the week. Don't know, make up your own moral.

Despite they say quality over quantity in training, a 3k run at not great quality is better than no exercise which clearly has no quality.

I need to put swimming back in my schedule, just not sure how yet. My usual lakes opened for early morning (Saturday or Sunday). But I think it may be near freezing. Will give it a few week.

At the bottom a little picture of the start of the event.

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