Friday, 19 April 2013

South Downs Way 100 - Part 1

There is still time to give:

Of course to beat the post MdS blues one has to go to new adventures. One will be, the 15 and 16 June attempt to do 100 miles in the South Downs Way in less than 24 hours.

In no priority order:
Badwater 135 miles ultra marathon in Death Valley USA
Spartathlon 256 km in Greece.
Also it's 4 points for the UTMB.
Because I can (or will try).

I have also pre-registered for the 2015 (year 30) Marathon des Sables. This means nothing, it just means you will get an email saying at what time and day the MdS 2015 registration opens. It doesn't mean you are in.
For now, I'm interested.

For next year the Brazil Jungle Marathon is on the cards. And I may have two compadres (Patrick and Wayde). This would be good.

Means I can rest in Rio de Janeiro and Buzios (I hope) after wards.

I think I need to have a look at my therunningaroundmethod website. Needs some updating.

I'm also in process of doing somewhat more with regards to running events. More about this later. I'm excited but need to get my head around it.

On the 3rd of May I'm flying to Belfast to meet the people for the LostWorldsRacing event in the Giant Causeway.

This year in term of volume is quiet year. Just the Amsterdam Marathon (next to the SDW 100) and that is it.

Time must have flown, because it's nearly the end of April and Bray Lake and Heron Lake are opening again for openwaterswimming. I will go and pick it up. There may not be a triathlon this year (can change) but I need to keep the swimming up.

Hot Bikram Yoga is over, will go standard Yoga and Pilates.

A view from the desert below. I loved it there and will go back.

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