Saturday 28 September 2013

Nearing the end of the season

I can go on and on about the Marathon des Sables 2013. Clearly that was the event of the year for about 1050 people. It was a great event, and I will be back in 2015. I have made great friends. I have also met a few wastes-of-space. But that is life.

Three more events until this year is over. 

06 October, the Bournemouth Marathon, with Colin Brett, Wayde Edwards and John Skinner. I am sure Colin will be back home in London while we are finishing. But hopefully I will get my 03:45. Either way Bournemouth is a fun place so look forward to it.

13 October, Human Race Kingston Run. 8.2 miles, starting 5 minutes from my home at the Kingston market. Nasreen Suleman will be running this with me. Normally a nice event, start at 08:00 back home 09:15. 

20 October, the Amsterdam Marathon. Danny Kendall, Felix Allen and Joop Keizer will be there. This will only be my second event in he Netherlands. Hope it will be fun.

15 September I was able to squeeze in the London Duahlon sprint distance in Richmond Park. 10k run, 22k bike, 5k run. My run started 09:06 and I was back home 12:10. So can't complain. At least a multi-sport event as cycling has been far and between this year. 

Next year so far, 10th of May Transvulcania in La Palma. 83k run on a volcanic island. 
01 June, Switzerland 70.3 Ironman. 

I will do some individual write ups of the last events. 

For now, going for a quick run around the block.