Friday 26 July 2013

It has been a while.

I just noticed it is over a month ago. I have in the mean time started a role in Zurich, Switzerland. Benefit: roads go up and up and and up and then down. Coming up is vacation in Mijas Spain. Mountain and hill cycling and running, bring it on. 

Them 24 August to Zermatt, for a 30k running event. Mentally I am ready, physically I hope so. 

I have recovered a while back from the DNF so life has continued. Zurich is a very fit outdoor life city. Joined a gym there and have been running. Lots of running. Enjoy it, but am away a lot. Seems skiing may be on the cards or not :-)

Not much further to say. Will do some updates while in Spain.

For now, keep clean and try harder.