Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ouch - would be a good word - Dislocated Shoulder

Since I started all this fitness nonsense, I've not really been injured. There are some uncomfortable feelings sometimes, but in the main, I've been good.

Until Friday evening 01 November when I was doing domestic stuff. Picked up the the laundry to go from upstairs to downstairs. Well, I slipped and dislocated my shoulder (and some wall plates as well).

I've been in pain before, but never as much as with a dislocated shoulder. First to say thank you to my girlfriend Karen for driving me to Kingston Hospital and not laughing too much. Arrived their, registered, nearly fainted and threw up.

Brought into a waiting room, kept on being told I was getting painkillers. They never arrived. But make no mistake, all respect for the people working in Kingston Hospital A&E. Clearly too much work, not enough people, and chaos. But thanks to them. They are hardworking and genuinely care.

So breathed in some laughing gas, which makes your heart rush like a maniac. However my resting heart rate with dislocated shoulder is 94. Not sure if that's good or what, but with laughing gas it's 96 but it feels like 196.

Next step, somebody puts your shoulder back in. At least the endless pain stops, for pain with an end. Never believe Lethal Weapon. No chance that happens in real life. I think. If it does, there are much harder man then me out there then.

But shoulder is back in, seems that it's a 10-16 week recovery. Really? Hope not. But guess shoulder presses are out of the question for a while.
Probably stick with leg exercises. 

So need to work out, how to train for the Zurich 70.3 Ironman, and a 1.9k swim. Really? 

Ok, 3 events scheduled for next year.

1) Transvulcania in May
2) Zurich 70.3 in June
3) Transylvania in September

And maybe 111 or 222 in August in La Ultra.

So much for now. Just thought a little update on a dislocated shoulder would humour some people.

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