Tuesday 30 October 2012

Part 8 - 5 Nights before 42.195 meters

On Sunday 04 November 2012 I will be doing my first marathon. This obviously sounds strange as I've done runs longer than that. However I've not stopped at 42.195 meters.
I stopped at shorter distances, and I stopped after. So there is a first time for everything they say, guess this is my maiden voyage on the Marathon distance.  Ok so we got that out of the way. I will keep you updated on how this goes.

This week I've been cutting down on running but increasing weights and Total Body Crossramp. This TBC is some sort of Cross-Country thing in my gym. I've done a bit of run on the treadmill and have been cycling to work. Unfortunately I had a flat tyre so had to take the train back home one day. Again, all part of life's little enjoyments.

I also found a "partner in coconut crime". Meaning a friend who likes coconuts. It has to be said however, coconuts are best eaten in a warm climate where they grow. But they still taste good in the United Kingdom or anywhere else. The coconut partner in crime knows who I am talking about.

Today I saw the pictures of the MdS expo. Wonder how I get copies? Specially of those people (yes you know who) wearing a sleeping bag hoodie. What is that all about, do a riot then fall asleep or something? ;-)

I received my £10 mummy sleepingbag arrived. I need to trial out if my claustrophobia handles a sleepingbag without a zipper or that I have to give in to the weight of a zipper. Am sure if I have to I will survive.

Despite loving my runs around Richmond Park with the MdS running club, I think we should start running through the park using the off road and hillies more. I know Wayde is planning a trip to the dunes in Wales but November and December are pretty full for me so I may have skip. But Wayde, get a date and I may join.

For my new friends doing the Druids, good luck, hope the weather gods may be with you.

I also hope my friends in the USA are safe and sound after Sandy came along.

I would think, as we are all a little or a lot obsessed with stuff, we can drive eachother nuts on our facebook page. But it's for a good cause, as the military says: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. However, let's leave some unknown in going to the desert, I personally will. But that is me, and I respect every man/woman has their own way of doing stuff. That is part of beauty we are all different.

I'm glad I picked up pilates again, I had been slacking a bit due to time constraints and there are only classes where I go on Tuesday and Thursday. But it's good to be back in the swing.

It is interesting to read that not only well know pro's are pulled up on doping but also high performing age groupers. But I ready the reasoned decision from the USADA and despite overwhelming statements, I still find it strange how this went on almost as a conspiracy and kept from  the outside world.

So, so much for todays blog, another random soapbox rant. But they are equal part of my preparation for the MdS as are the running events I am doing, so they deserve their place in history.

Ok, have fun and speak soon.


Tuesday 23 October 2012

23 October MdS expo notes

A very interesting expo. Specially of course Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Mike Stroud whose books were partially responsible of my desire to do the things I do now. Lia thanks for organizing.
Hearing, meeting and seeing Patrick Bauer. Another not regular but relevant event. What about his sleeping bag, 3kg and we worry about a zipper in it.
Below my bullet point notes. They are aide memoires not full write up.
Sleeping mask and ear plugs if you are a light sleeper.
Tingerlaat sun protection
Flip Flops
Sand goggles and/or sun glasses
Toothfloss strong and light
Think about packing order in your bag
Think about gaiters and understand if the ankle or the knee ones are for you.
Deal with little niggles there and then. Don't wait.
Alternate socks daily. Wash/rinse them. Dry them on the back of your bag.
Small things matter.
Prepare mentally at least for the unexpected.
Concentrate when relevant, like climbing or descenting maybe not or less when flat. Allow zoning out.
Think about battery operated devices. What if ur mp3 player breaks?
Fix infections there and then.
Evaluate constructively. What went well, what can be better, what should I stop doing
There will be regular signposts, think every 100m or so.
Be as clean as you can
But most have fun. It is the experience of a life time

Tuesday 16 October 2012

16 Oct 2012 - A short Update

Hello my dear friends, followers and casual readers,

I would like to thank you for your interest in what I got to write.

This is about small (my own) and large achievements (Malala and Felix).

I guess you have all seen Felix Baumgaertner jumping out of a capsule about 39km/120k feet up in the air. How cool was that? Well cold it was, for him.

But also let's not forget the heroism of Malala. No preparation or anything, just standing up what she believes in. How cool and inspirational is she!!!

Firstly I've been training my feet by walking around London with my daughter Kim and her friend Tess. Today their last day in the UK we are taking the bus from Kingston upon Thames to London so we can go to Harrods. How posh is that, by bus to Harrods?

What does the above paragraph have to do with the MdS? Well for me it's about standing on your feet, and I've been standing and walking on my feet. But also it took my mind of running and other things and I've walked some parts of London that I normally run or ignore.

On Sunday 14 October 2012 I participated in the Kingston Breakfast Run. It's not actually called the Kingston Breakfast Run, but that's what I think a lot of people know it by. In April 2009 that was my first running race ever and it took me about 1 hour and 16 minutes. I signed up for it, as a motivation to keep running that I started in the summer in 2008 in Greece. Well 14 October 2012 it took me 59 minutes to run the same distance which is 8.2 miles which is 13.1 km. Guess I've improved a bit.

After that April 2009 event I signed up for a triathlon and it all moved on from there.

So coming weekend we have the MdS expo. Good for meeting new people and seeing/meeting Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Patrick Bauer and some more people, unfortunately I forgot who, but that makes it all the more a surprise party.

I've been playing around a bit with the template\background. If you don't like it let me know and I may take it into account.


Saturday 13 October 2012

13 October 2012 - Another period in life pre MdS

I've picked up the Park Run (www.parkrun.com) again. Did Bushy Park 2 minutes faster than my PB. So happy with that. I did my first Richmond Park version. I held back as people kept on telling me that it is hilly. Well it's not really but hillier than the Bushy Park pancake.

On Sunday 07 October I met another MdS compatriot, Alexander. Who will be trying a top 50 place. You rock man, but what's good is that you are realistic enough to understand that it should not kill your chance finishing.

Have nearly finished the book by Jolanda Linschooten Eenzame Uren (Lonely Hours), which she should translate into English.

Been slacking a bit on training but have picked up swimming again, so happy with that. The next thing I never thought I would say, but I am very much noticing the fact I'm a non-smoker since 25 August. I believe that's what helped my 2 minutes off in Bushy Park.

Therefor on 14 October I am doing the 8.2 miles Kingston run. Hopefully I can do this about 5 minutes faster than I used to. If not, well then not.

Today, 13 October I did a lovely walk in London, from Waterloo Station to Tower Bridge on South Side and back North Side with my daughter Kim and her friend Tess who are over. They are the other reason I am doing the Kingston run, as it's cool to have one or more of your kids cheering for you. Like I had my son Ezra and his mate Carl in the Summer during the triathlon Holten.

For some obscure reason, I feel ready for the MdS. I am thinking of doing a heatchamber as there is one in Kingston University about 5 minute walk, but not sure yet.

Have been thinking that trying to predict everything for the the MdS will take away the mystery so may not do that. Will just see what happens I think.

This week my dvd and t-shirt for http://www.racingtherez.com/Home.html - Racing the Rez arrived. It's a movie I sponsored about Navajo and Hopi kids running a race. Go and watch it, specially when you in the USA as it's broadcasting there. Very inspirational.

Talking about inspiration, while I write this in Kona Hawaii 1800 athletes are participating in the Ironman worldchampionship. My friends Martin Muldoon and Matt Molloy are there and I saw Mr. Molloy came out the water in 54 minutes, in the middle of the pro's. Mr. Muldoon needs to work on his swimming, but he'll make it up on the run. Keep in mind when I say Mr. Muldoon needs to work on his swimming, he is still about 30 minutes faster on the IM 2.4miles/3.9k swim then I am.

This week I signed up for the SDW 100 miles. Next journey, do that within 24 hours.

Met some great people already in our Sunday morning Richmond Park runs and look forward to the expo next week. Specially as Sir Ranulph Fiennes (And others I can't remember) will be there.

I met up with my friend Mark Hines last week, who resigned his job, but still did a VO2 max test for me. I scored 53 but feel I should have gone 2 minutes longer. He's off next year to Yukon and the North Pole to do some 1100 miles or km (can't remember either) to get to the a couple of North Poles. I won't tell more as he will write a book about it. But pretty cool he resigned to go travel the world and do stuff he would want to do.

So much for now, not sure if this makes any sense to any of you. But I'm not very structured so you will get sort of my thoughts on paper as a braindump. Can we still say braindump? Or is it brainstorm we can't say anymore? Can't remember either.

Well I'm happy with my training, I'm ready for the MdS and can't wait for the sun.

Speak to y'all soon.