Sunday 25 August 2019

Madrid Week One 18 August

So, I’ve moved to Madrid. A new job at the OCS. Owned by the IOC and is the development and delivery team for Olympic Broadcasting Services. I’m the Project Manager for the delivery of Single Sign On/Identity & Access Manangement.

More about the job in a next blog. I’m in a temporary apartment for a month so the last action is to find one. Which I’m sure will be ok.

I’m settling in very well but do miss Lizzie my wife. Luckily she’ll be here soon.

It’s taken a long time to find a new role. In the mean time I worked in Waitrose New Malden. I should have started there earlier. It was good fun at Waitrose and I made some nice friends. But I’m a delivery person.

So, I’m back running. Well, did a 3ish km on 25 August and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep it up. Slow, painful and great.
Legs in pain, but good pain. Ran to a park, very nice park may I add. Will go back there. Aiming for 3 runs a week to start with.

Not much more now, but wanted to start writing up my stuff again.

See you soon Lizzie Lou. Xx