Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Part 8 of 2013 - 2 nights.

Well, nearly there. What has been in the making for the best part of 2 years and introduced me to a lot of great people, is upon me.
Thursday 04 April we are flying to Ouarzazate. One or two nights hotel, then camp then it all starts on Sunday.
So far I can only think about the sun and the fact I am thankful for great support from family and friends and colleagues.

This weekend I had 3 runs on the beach in Sandbanks. Cold but fab.

So my last run was Monday. Weight session today and probably nothing tomorrow.

Doing last bits and pieces like getting Euro's and finish packing back.

I am ready to go and feel fab. However it will be a great adventure. I am going to a place I always wanted to go. The desert.

I will get picture which will go up. But not till I am back 15 April.

Hopefully I have more to say when I am back. Currently not much more as I have just been training. Which is running and weights. But that is not very exciting :-)
Not really sure what else to write.

When back I will get more involved and have planned next adventures. As they say, you will only regret what you have not done.


Speak again 15 April

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  1. Hi Michiel,

    Er ging iets niet goed met posten, dus nog een poging hier!
    Moeilijk voor te stellen dat het bijna zo ver is he. Geniet van elk moment daar. Ik support je elke dag van hier uit!Goede reis donderdag!!
    xx Angelique