Sunday, 3 March 2013

Part 6 of the New Year being 2013

Well nearly there. Mentally and physically I am ready. I can see most of us are, we are getting itchy and want to go out and experience it.

Did the 50k London Ultra on February 17, wasn't pleased but it helped me change my pain boundary a bit more, so that was good. This is a great event and worthwhile participating in. But picked up the name of what I think may be a very good restaurant that I would need to sample when back.

Did Bath Half Marathon on March 03 and was 12 minutes faster than last year. So pleased with that.

Now I want to go to this desert and get started. Got all my kit, including socks (both X-socks and DryMax).

Got all the food, everything else. Even a box of Peperami Firestick of which I may take a few.

Have met already a number of great people and look forward to meeting even more great people.

Still going on with Hot Bikram Yoga and will actually  need to pick up Pilates. Not sure if I continue with Hot Bikram Yoga at the same volume but will keep it in the system.

I have been lucky that work has brought me to Chesterfield (which is up North UK) where everything goes up - hill. So runs there are tougher than here in London.

We had a group lunch on 24 February with the tent people. And all thanks to Simon Martin for arranging the Richmond Park Flag.

Also thank you to those people who have donated to my chosen charity. See link below.

So probably one or two more episodes of this blog before we go and that would be it.

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