Friday, 3 May 2013

Lost World Racing Ireland, Giant Causeway - 50/100 km running event. Part 1 arrival day.

I arrived at Belfast City Airport. Leaving the sun in London behind for the rain in Northern Ireland. Great planning, not! Drove from Belfast to Ballintoy via Ballycastle. Had a nice lunch in Ballycastle.

Ballintoy is a street with pubs and sleeping and eating places next to the Giant Causeway. There is not much else. Ballycastle actually has a bit of a city centre.

Sitting in the Sheep View Lodge. People start to arrive. Mainly USA so far. It is going to be fun, I am sure of that.

We are in a hostel, sharing bunk beds. Like when we were young.

So far the weather cleared up, but as I am not running, don't mind that much.

Good learning of things to change and improve or keep as they are.

So,we have toilets, running water, towels and food cooked. Not bad, after a week camping in the sand.

Tonight we all will be informed of things to come. I hope. More tomorrow.

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