Sunday, 24 November 2013

3 weeks after ouch

It's 3 weeks, since I dislocated my shoulder. Pain is gone, nerve is still irritated. The shoulder itself isn't really healed yet I think. I'm still wearing the sling, just to ensure no sudden movements. I've been to the gym and I've been running and cycling. So that's at least something.

This weekend I went to visit the Running Show in Sandown Park. As this is just down the road (5-6 km) from me it's easy to get to. A while back with Tim Holmstrom and Rory Coleman we were discussing participating to promote our ultra events and training. Due to all sorts of circumstances this didn't happen. I believe having been at the show twice this weekend, we missed much not participating.

It was very spacious, but also ver quiet. A number of the stalls were set up, more as car-booth sales than actually being appealing to public. I did buy a pair of Altra Zero Drop Lone Peak 1.5 as I am always interested in new. It also allowed me to fit the Puma's but they were too narrow.

On top of my shoulder since Thursday 21 November I've been suffering a cold, which in the main has gone now, by drinking pure lime and lemon juice, hammering Night Nurse and sleeping lots. And eating spicy Indonesian food with Karen, Pete, Helen, Steve and Mandy.

I understand from the calendar that Christmas is on its way. I can't wait, for it, to be over that is. However Ezra and Bette are with us just before that so that will be fun. Even have tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Winter has arrived in Zurich, last week we had proper snow. Well not loads but enough to make it interesting.

This was just a short essay, to show you I'm still alive. Need to pick up training a bit more.

So much for now.

Have fun.

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