Monday, 14 January 2013

2013 Part 2 of the new year

Most of my time has been spend doing Hot Bikram Yoga and Weight training. Very little has gone into real running.
As the Hot Bikram Yoga was in London, I did cycle there which added a 30k round trip, so not very guilty of not doing enough.

However, all instalments settled, €200 in February to go I believe. Most stuff bought. Three pairs of shoes, choose one. Luckily fellow runner Simon Martin has found a tailor in London, where I would need to bring my shoes to get the velcro stitched.

Signing up for more Hot Bikram Yoga and have a long run planned 18 January. Planned, not committed.

It's just over 11 weeks now, can't wait.

When I started this blog I wasn't sure what I was going to write. What I was sure about was that I wouldn't use it to tell you all my weekly kilometers or nutritional intake. There are enough out there that  do that. Also my training plan is not on here.

As I believe, as I won't be in the top 10, I'm going to have a blast and fun, and meet even more great people I'm chilled.

What I am doing is working/communicating with some recognized names in Ultra events to see what can be done as part of a show later this year. Very premature, but I really like it.

I would like to say how impressed I am of my friends who did the Country to Capital this weekend. Well done you all.

There is a lot going on right now in my life and I believe it's all for the better.

Two races coming up before we go of, London 50k Ultra and Bath Half Marathon.

My advice to my fellow runners and participants. Chill out, all of you are better trained than me, so you will make it as a walk in the park.

For now, I'm starving, need some dinner. Despite being on a diet. So speak soon.

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