Monday 30 October 2017

Week 2017-10-23 not so good

A number of sessions in the gym to make the rest of the body muscles work. A number of rest days as on Thursday I went to Stansted Airport to meet up with Liz for an early Friday morning flight to Palma de Mallorca where we stayed till Saturday.

While I brought running gear, Friday was thrown out of the water due to a 2 hour delay, where we were sitting in a plane going nowhere.

Amazing fish dinner at Sa Cranca. The largest fish BBQ I ever had. Very tired on Friday evening, so actually went to bed relatively early and had a long lie in on Saturday.

Late check out, spend most of the time at the pool until time to leave for the airport.  Good flight, reasonable drive back to Kingston.

As the lady had to leave Sunday evening for Poland, we just did a lazy Sunday.

All planned to get back into training on Monday 30 October I woke up with a throat like sandpaper and feeling like I skipped the night with too much of a "good time".

Filled myself up with lemsip, all sorts of vitamins and cough syrup. Feel somewhat better now, so hoping there is 3 sessions possible this week.

Then on Sunday of to the Maldives. Doubt there will be a lot of running, but will endeavour to stay active.

Tuesday 24 October 2017

2017-10-24 Training or at least doing something most days.

As I had to go into London on Friday, I figured, may as well use the opportunity to run to it from Waterloo and back. Well run is a big word for the speed, which I can't blame on the number of people in London. Just blame it on not having run enough for the last year.

But it was another 6km I may otherwise not have done.

Not having been in the Gym or CrossFit, I've at least picked that up as well.

Two weightlifting sessions so far this week. Notice-able absence, as my legs, arms and upper body are screaming.

But I realise I've missed that feeling.

I've been too "scared" to step on the scales. Which is stupid as I won't be able to check if I'm actually losing some weight. I know it's not about weight alone, but believe me, in this case it is about weight in the first instance.

So at least one more session this week in the UK and hopefully the sun in Palma de Mallorca will motivate me for another run while Lizzie is working.

Got my shoes for the MdS sorted. Brooks Beast 16 as they have a fabulous wide fit, and are very cushioned. They may even protect my feet in the desert.

Got food for trial from MyRaceKit. Opted for LyoFoods. Not sure about the kinds of food, but Noodles are high on the wishlist.

I am talking with an Irish Charity ToChildrenWithLove to fundraise for them.

That's it for now.
I'm keeping it short, so I won't take up your whole evening with my amazingly interesting stories.

Wednesday 18 October 2017

2017-10-18 Two training sessions done

Guess the MdS expo really did kick the mojo a bit. Also the other half being away for work most of the week is an incentive, however she would never stop me training. She only encourages me.

Monday 16 October
A run/walk. Was able to keep my walking under 9 minutes per km. Which for me a massive achievement. I wish I could power walk as my wife does. I've done a few 10k walks with her and she wipes the floor with me.

Wednesday 18 October
32 minutes treadmill includes 2minute cool down. 1.96 miles / 3.15 km (pi I would say) wearing a 10kg weighted vest. Not pretty, but I did it.

Maybe I should make a plan. I do know I would deviate from the plan not much later than day two anyway.

I will start working on a food spreadsheet. MdS makes you an expert in food spreadsheets with calorie/weight ratio's. Very exciting.

Ordered shoes. Brooks are one of the few that actually do a wide sizing as well.

Not much more to say. You all may be bored shitless by my blog, but it's part of me getting my arse in gear.

See you next time.

Saturday 14 October 2017

2017-10-17 Nothing like an MdS expo to "most likely" getting your training mojo back

Target - be MdS ready by Mid March 2018
1) Ditch about 8kg of weight (that's a stone and a bit for those who don't do kilo's)
2) Heat acclimatisation
3) Up weekly running distance starting to about 25 km per week going to 60-70 km three weeks per month.
4) Update the 2015 spreadsheet for food
5) More walking time on feet.

Today, for the third time running, I worked/helped at the MdS Expo organised by Steve Diederich. This year I was joined by my wife Liz, who, not surprisingly, was totally in her social butterfly element.

The expo is organised to give the UK (and other) participants to get insight into the MdS from previous runners and other guests. It also brings together a number of vendors specialised in ultra/multi-day running gear and equipment. Which is rare, as most of them are based fairly far from London. I would say Essex (myracekit) and Wales (likeys). It also has running training and nutritional experts. This year the first time they had a sweat test as well.

I guess I needed this to get into the swing of things, as my recent running hasn't been that great.

I most likely will support a charity as it's been a while since I asked people for money. More on that later.

My lovely wife set me a challenge to get my first 20 mile (32 km) run in as soon as possible. So there is the motivation.

More next time.