Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sorry, been a while.

I know it has been a while. Quite a while even. I'm just back from a week in Spain. Running and cycling near Mijas in the hills. Clearly my cycling fitness is not what it used to be. So another quest. So I've picked up cycling. Guess I actually need a schedule now. Swimming this year taken a backseat. Means, swam once. In a pool and not even open water. OMG. ;-)

As I've move to Zurich for work, I do most of my training there. Which is good, as it's all up-hill (and down to get back of course).

The hills around Mijas are fab. Tough, hot and beautiful. Coming towards us soon is the Running Show in Sandown Park Esher near London. This year there will be an ultra running corner where yours truly, Rory Coleman (Rory) and others will be present.

Lost Worlds Racing (Lost Worlds Racing) has been very busy. Tim Holmstrom the owner had been able to add a few new races (check them out), in Greece (Meteora) and Transylvania (Dracula).

A lot is happening and myself I have a few little races coming up:

  • Zermatt Switzerland - Ultraks - 24 August - Hopefully with Dave James Tsakanikas (assuming he joins) Dave James
  • Bournemouth Marathon - BMF - 06 October with Colin Brett, Wayde Edwards, John Skinner.
  • Kingston Run - Kingston - 13 October with Nasreen Suleman
  • Amsterdam Marathon - AMS - 20 October with Joop Keizer - Joop. Check this man out. 71 (or a bit older) and fast as the wind. 
Guess that will be it for this year than. Hooray. 

And icing on the cake, 11 August, a MdS training run in Richmond Park. Despite no MdS on the horizon.

Hope you all feel cool and see you soon.

Promise, next one will not make you wait this long. Or maybe it will. Do I care :-)


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