Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Part 7 of the new year = 2013

So it's 3 weekends and 4 days before we fly out. That's still long, but I'll be distracted all weekends.
1) Birthday dinner
2) 2 of my kids in Netherlands having their sweet 16 and sweet 18 birthday.
3) friends over and we'll hopefully end up in Las Iguanas.

Than Monday and Tuesday work. Wednesday pack Thursday fly.

So nearly there. And it's time as I'm bored and tired of training in the cold. Had a good banter with Wayde on Sunday about not listening to his advice going to Wales and he not listening to my advice running across Richmond Park. Well at least, we agreed on the we didn't listen to eachother.

Today I met a colleague who is going to run the London Marathon for Muscular Dystrophy. Not sure what it is, but guess it's to do with reduced or lost working muscles. Guess I could look it up, but sometimes you just should be able to say I don't know.

We had quite a week on the MdS Facebook page after the announcement that the last day is now a 7.7km fun/charity run, where I believe friends/family of runners and sponsors of the MdS can run in return of sponsoring Unicef I believe. Which of course is a great cause and admirable. However it came as a surprise that it seems that it's now 5 stages/6 days rather than 6 stages/7 days. But of course, there is the 7.7km which could be the 6th stage. Personally I still seem to be unclear if the 7.7km is mandatory. But upon a great suggestion of Simon, we'll run it with our flag, as the MdS Richmond Crew.

Talking about flags, this week I got my flags, a little one for on my bag and  larger one, which I need to ask Simon what it is for.

Luckily it now seems cleared up that gel and powders count as long as it is in the original packing with the original weight and calories on it. So that's good news.

I've got my box of Peperami Firesticks, for the spice.

It's to be mentioned we have a doctor in or tent who is going to bring his doctors case I am told. :-) We also have Zoe, who is going to end up in the top 10 I think.

And we have John, where when we back we can all join into his hot water tubs he has. The are much bigger than tubs, but it's to point out how diverse we are.

I hope I  mentioned everybody, if not I apologize.

Hope that winter goes away now. Tired of the snow (all two inches) that stops the country. Tired of the cold, that is boring. However today (12 March) was nice.

For the rest, I've got all my stuff. I am not gonna care how much it exactly is, 10, 9.5, 10.5 Too much knowledge. I need what I need.

So look foward catching up and seeing most of the MdS participants soon, at an airport near us.

Time to go to the heat.


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