Saturday, 14 October 2017

2017-10-17 Nothing like an MdS expo to "most likely" getting your training mojo back

Target - be MdS ready by Mid March 2018
1) Ditch about 8kg of weight (that's a stone and a bit for those who don't do kilo's)
2) Heat acclimatisation
3) Up weekly running distance starting to about 25 km per week going to 60-70 km three weeks per month.
4) Update the 2015 spreadsheet for food
5) More walking time on feet.

Today, for the third time running, I worked/helped at the MdS Expo organised by Steve Diederich. This year I was joined by my wife Liz, who, not surprisingly, was totally in her social butterfly element.

The expo is organised to give the UK (and other) participants to get insight into the MdS from previous runners and other guests. It also brings together a number of vendors specialised in ultra/multi-day running gear and equipment. Which is rare, as most of them are based fairly far from London. I would say Essex (myracekit) and Wales (likeys). It also has running training and nutritional experts. This year the first time they had a sweat test as well.

I guess I needed this to get into the swing of things, as my recent running hasn't been that great.

I most likely will support a charity as it's been a while since I asked people for money. More on that later.

My lovely wife set me a challenge to get my first 20 mile (32 km) run in as soon as possible. So there is the motivation.

More next time.


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