Sunday, 21 February 2016

The In / Out Vote (Brexit) for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

This is my opinion and views on it. My view is the UK is better of in EU but the people will have to decide.
I will say this: Goodluck to the people who have a passport of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. You will have a referendum coming up, 23 June as it is set now, to vote to leave or stay in the EU. In the mid-70's there was a vote. The people who voted then have now created a large group of people who didn't get what they asked or wished for and are dissatisfied. I don't know if everything was known when these people voted, but what I do know is, that it is about 40 years ago and things have changed. The current age you can vote for this referendum is 18, so it will be the same 40 years from now. If you are younger than 58 now or in 40 years younger than 58 you had no say.

So whatever you vote, please ensure that you know what you wish for, know what you are going to get and if the vote you do is in the best interest of your children and grand-children.

I will not tell you how to vote. I will respect your vote, but I will put thoughts in your mind that may change your vote or at least make you go out and do your research. You will have to do your research, I can't do that for you and you shouldn't want anybody to do that for you. This is an important decision, don't waste it.

Well Mr. Cameron has finished his negotiations. Of course the in camp will say Well Done fantastic result and the out camp will say What a load of nonsense.

  • Ask yourself or your MP the following type of questions and then try to educate yourself on the answers. Look at the in and out answers but also go to the  UK Government or  European Union website. Do not just read news paper headlines.
  • When will the UK be out of the EU? The referendum is 23 June I believe, so is the UK independent on the 24th of June and what will change?
  • What will this mean for my travel to the European Union countries? What I mean is: currently there is a passport queue for EEA/EU/UK when you arrive in any EU country, if you are out and no proper agreements in place you will be in a visa or visa waiver line. To set this up and agree takes time. Personally I do not know who is currently, actively working on this
  • No company will leave the UK or stop trading with the UK, but what trade agreements exist between the UK and EU countries or what is the status of creating those.
  • What will this mean for my second house in a European Union country?
  • What will this mean for the pension I still have in a European Union country?
  • Will things become cheaper or more expensive?
  • The illustrious £55m per day, how much is it net and what else do we get for this?
  • If EU doesn't do the paperwork for the UK any more, will we need to hire more civil servants?
  • What will happen to my friends, wife, girl-friend, brother-in-law who live in the UK but have no British passports?
  • How will I feel about my friends or family who didn't vote the way I voted?
  • What will it mean for friends/family living in the EU?
  • What will it mean for educational exchange?
  • What will be the impact to immigration?
  • How will it change my life?
  • Have you spoken to people younger than 18, whose main future it is you vote for. It may sound harsh but if you are over 50 right now, you are not voting the most of your future.
There are many more questions, but look around and ask your self what will change for the better and what will change for the worse or what will not change at all?

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