Monday, 30 October 2017

Week 2017-10-23 not so good

A number of sessions in the gym to make the rest of the body muscles work. A number of rest days as on Thursday I went to Stansted Airport to meet up with Liz for an early Friday morning flight to Palma de Mallorca where we stayed till Saturday.

While I brought running gear, Friday was thrown out of the water due to a 2 hour delay, where we were sitting in a plane going nowhere.

Amazing fish dinner at Sa Cranca. The largest fish BBQ I ever had. Very tired on Friday evening, so actually went to bed relatively early and had a long lie in on Saturday.

Late check out, spend most of the time at the pool until time to leave for the airport.  Good flight, reasonable drive back to Kingston.

As the lady had to leave Sunday evening for Poland, we just did a lazy Sunday.

All planned to get back into training on Monday 30 October I woke up with a throat like sandpaper and feeling like I skipped the night with too much of a "good time".

Filled myself up with lemsip, all sorts of vitamins and cough syrup. Feel somewhat better now, so hoping there is 3 sessions possible this week.

Then on Sunday of to the Maldives. Doubt there will be a lot of running, but will endeavour to stay active.

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