Wednesday, 18 October 2017

2017-10-18 Two training sessions done

Guess the MdS expo really did kick the mojo a bit. Also the other half being away for work most of the week is an incentive, however she would never stop me training. She only encourages me.

Monday 16 October
A run/walk. Was able to keep my walking under 9 minutes per km. Which for me a massive achievement. I wish I could power walk as my wife does. I've done a few 10k walks with her and she wipes the floor with me.

Wednesday 18 October
32 minutes treadmill includes 2minute cool down. 1.96 miles / 3.15 km (pi I would say) wearing a 10kg weighted vest. Not pretty, but I did it.

Maybe I should make a plan. I do know I would deviate from the plan not much later than day two anyway.

I will start working on a food spreadsheet. MdS makes you an expert in food spreadsheets with calorie/weight ratio's. Very exciting.

Ordered shoes. Brooks are one of the few that actually do a wide sizing as well.

Not much more to say. You all may be bored shitless by my blog, but it's part of me getting my arse in gear.

See you next time.

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