Thursday, 18 February 2016

2016 First Blog

I just realised my last blog was in October about the Mourne Sky Race. Actually I didn't realise it, I saw it when I logged into my blog account. I clearly should be better at this. An hour a week shouldn't be too much to write something.

So what has been new since The Mourne Sky Race:
Well I pulled out of the Transpyrenea as my foot tho lots better will not sustain +50k per day for 17 days. I feel I am letting my friend Zoe down who is still doing it and I encouraged her to do it.

I did the Run Until You Drop February event organised by Paul Ali (and maybe others that I am not aware of). What is this: Every day in February you run as many miles or km (your choice at the beginning but you can change from miles to km) equal the date. So 01 Feb 1  km or mile, 02 Feb 2 km or miles and so on. I managed till 15 February in km. Basically travel got in the way. To be honest I could of course have done 16 km on the travel day, but couldn't be asked. It is a good motivator tho. A number of people will do the whole month.

After deciding to pull out of Transpyrenea I am now eye-balling Oman Marathon. 6 days, 165km in Oman. Followed by a 6 day vacation in the Shangri-la in Muscat. Not signed up yet.

Recently a friend asked me to join the Chamonix Triathlon in September. That is a Olympic, Half Ironman or Ironman distance. I am tempted, but it seems tough.

In April the Dusseldorf Marathon is coming up that I am doing sort of with 2 friends, Leigh Michelmore and John Carter. Going to be fun, I guess. Aiming for a 3:45 time. Hey, reach for the stars to get to the moon.

In June I will be doing Dusseldorf Olympic Triathlon. Skipped a year, not intentionally of Triathlons, so want at least one this year. I have a sub-3 hour (2:59 and a bit) to beat, which should be do-able if I don't get a flat tyre this year.

In March, at Easter weekend I will be supporting the Jan Knippenberg Memorial in the Netherlands on the beach from Hoek van Holland to Den Helder. I have been here before supporting it and it's a good event. I am trying to get 2 friends, Zoe Salt and Marissa Harris to join, but they will have to run, while I will be in a car.

It seems I have ended up with a high number of fitness trackers. My girlfriend said you should write about them how they compare. Well I will never be able to beat dcrainmaker when it comes to deep detailed, scientific compares. So I will do it on feeling, of why I like something. This doesn't mean you may like it, it means what it is that attracts me in the product.

Notable people/activities
Susie Chan - 12 hour treadmill record 68.5 miles - the girl is mental - Kingston Uni - place of record
Roddy Riddle - Diabetes 1 diagnosed - did MdS, now doing some run in the cold. 6633 ultra
Mandy Turka Bansal - 2016 MdS hopeful and ended up on ITV - sorry no link

I will create a separate page for this.

So that's it for now. I'll promise I will be back faster next time. Yep I said this before.

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