Thursday, 18 February 2016

Fitness tracker or related technology non-scientific write-up - part 1

This is aimed at showing what is out there for you to investigate.

HealBe GoBe - HealBe - was on IndieGoGo. An automatic calorie consumed tracker. Well to strictly automated, you have to do something. Took so long to arrive I cancelled it. A lot of people now have one. Lot's of early complaints but it seems to have improved a lot. Have look, decide for yourself.

Kreyos - was on IndieGoGo. I got one, which sort of worked. The story of Kreyos, I suggest you read this. There maybe some on eBay. I send mine to a guy in the USA who paid postage. I didn't want more for it. Hope he is happy having a few.

Amiigo - was on IndieGoGo Amiigo. Have a look on their website. They are sold out. I probably have one that you can have for postage. I ditched it as not many people had one and I actually never really used it.

Beddit automatic sleep tracker - Beddit - was on IndieGoGo. I have it and use it every day as it's in my bed. It works well, no issues linking with the app. It gives a lot of information on your sleep pattern. Unfortunately I have no real other tracker except my Fitbit Surge so can't say if it tracks it well. However it seems to coincide that if I wake up not so refreshed it shows that I didn't have a good number of hours sleep. It's well worth a look at.

Antelope  - smart suit. It has shirts, shorts, shoulder Antelope - It is a muscle contraction piece of textile. This seems to gain traction and is already big in Switzerland and Germany where Bionic training (remember Major Steve Austin - we have the technology, we can fix him, 6 million dollar man) is big. I have not received this yet, so cannot speak about it.

Next time about, but if you impatient there are some websites

  • Fitbit Charge HR, Surge and One - fitbit
  • Moov - multi-sport wearable Moov
  • Flyfit - smart ankle tracker for swimming, cycling and running. Flyfit
  • Runscribe - data collection while training runscribe
  • Stryd - power meter for running stryd
  • 3ax - clipless pedals - 3Ax - still on kickstarter
  • Garmin Vivosmart - fitness / step counter - Garmin
  • Smart Halo - turn your bike into a smart bike - smart halo - still on kickstarter
  • Google Glass - V1 no longer in production. V2 corporate only
  • Recon HUD - The Jet HUD
  • SeeSense Icon - the intelligent and connected light. - I've got it, seems cool. Not sure how the theft function works tho. SeeSense
  • Gymwatch
  • Sabra Sport Pulse - Jabra
  • Whitings Pulse and Pulse O2 - withings

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