Monday, 10 December 2012

Another week (s) went by

Hello, I am back.
Some sad news, my hosting company has made disappear from cyberspace so there is a call outstanding to repoint it.

Some good news:

  • I'm working slowly but surely to get and our races promoted. Up and Running in East Sheen, e-zine and I've requested a page in ultra tales e-zine.
  • I have a call later this week with a knowledgeable person about some ideas I have.
  • I've started running with a backpack (about 1kg) with additional 6kg weights in there.
  • I have marshalled at the Bushy Park run. And I realise how far I can still go but how far I've come already. There is a guy there with a 50 pound backpack and a husky dog who runs it as fast as I do. Which is about 22 minutes. There are people there who take more than twice that time. And I still dig them. Pretty cool. Respect as they say.
  • I think I will be in Ultra Tales in January

Last week I did a lot of cycling, running and weight sessions. Mainly to work (the running and cycling, the weights in the gym). My body is in pain, but it's muscle pain and not joint or bone or nerve pain. So pretty happy.

Between Xmas (which I'm not a fan of) and New Year (party in Marbella) I will be joining my friend Wayde for a Bikram Yoga Session. That seems to be something hot, so can't wait.

When writing this I am watching Man vs. Food. Tempting, Tempting as they say. The Yoder Peanut Butter cake looks fab.

So off to the Netherlands on Thursday night after meeting up with some old friends/colleagues in London. Train to Harwich, crash on the boat and sleep till in the Netherlands.

People ask if my training is going ok. As I've said before, if I had a plan I would know. I ain't got no plan, so I don't know. But I feel ready. Would love the date to move to 20-27 December. How cool would that be, Xmas in the desert? Yes I know some of the guys signed up, not excited about that :-) But what it means for me is: I'm ready mentally and physically. So that must be a good thing.

I'm cautious with my events before the MdS. Got two planned, a 50k and a Half Marathon. May do the Kingston run but that is 24 March so may be just to close, from a potential injury point of view.

I can see my Triathlon friends getting back in to training as well. My plan is hard until 24 December than off for 25-26 and hard again. Some hill running in Marbella coming up. Can't wait, but have to, so what can I do :-)

So much for today. But I will be back soon.

Keep safe and love thy neighbour


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