Saturday, 24 November 2012

Part 12 - Excited - a brief update.

This week I am quite excited. Why is that you could ask yourself? If you were interested in asking yourself.

I've done my 9th Park Run. The 9th one was in Bushy Park where I did my first one as well. That means I am one Park Run run away from 10. Today's run was good but not great.
Great because I didn't go off like there is no tomorrow to collapse half way through.
Ok because I should have gone a bit faster on the first 2k to make the PB.
So the average between great and OK makes good. In my book that is.

I dropped a mail to Park Run for both Bushy and Richmond Park that I am happy to volunteer every now and then. Always fun to give something back.

As of this week I am the UK and The Netherlands Ambassador for Lost Worlds Racing ( My first activity is to increase the brand awareness of Lost Worlds Racing. We are a company that organises races in or very near World or National Heritage sites. So they are not  your run of the mill locations. Obviously all of you are interested in this, so feel free to question me about it.

Tomorrow there will be no Richmond MdS run for me. I'll do a run going to the Running Show in Sandown Park. Which I am sure will be quite good as usual. To snoop around (is that a word/activity)?

Training this week has been good. A couple of runs. Even a cycle ride and two flat tires on two different bikes. Not happy but such is life.

The race season is over for the year. Will keep on training hard till 24 December. Than have a few days off to get back into it on the 29th of December.

Hopefully I will be able to do a good couple of runs in the hills behind Marbella at the end of the year. Burn some calories before taking them in, in the nice food and drink places of gorgeous Marbella.

There isn't much more to report, I could bore you with what weight I lifted or what runs I did, but I will not. Most of you do the same, so what use is it to tell you I ran x KM in Y minutes which equals a pace of min/km or min/miles. I could do this by sharing all my Garmin workouts.

As part of the MdS, I have ordered a little Greek, Dutch and British flag which need to be sewed on my backpack. To represent the 3 countries that I am linked to.

So much for now. Have fun and be safe.


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