Sunday, 23 December 2012

2012 Closing out part 1 (in case I do a part 2)

This may (or may not) be my last write up for 2012. The runners festive (look it up on Facebook you runners has started again. From 23 December up to and including 01 December. Physical and Virtual friends around the world pledge to run a certain distance. Log it on the website. And at the end the good people from The Runners Festive add it all up.

What happens if you run less than your pledge? Nothing, you still have ran?
What happens if you run more than your pledge? Nothing, you still have ran?

But it's just a little incentive to run. Last year I pledged 50k and I think I did 60k or something. This year I pledged 100k. This may be a bit more of  a challenge. But hopefully the mountains/hills and/or beaches from / near Marbella will help.

I did my first 13.7km today, with 7kg on my bag. Need more leg work in the gym. So I guess tomorrow is gym/run day.

So much for 23 December.

The coming week, most likely 27 December, I will be doing a Bikram Yoga. That is when my mate Wayde tells me a time/place where to meet and what I need to bring.

The last week has been very lazy. Just a bike ride (48 km), a gym strength session (45 minutes) and the above mentioned run. Pretty lazy. So I need to run up to and including 25 December. Than go off and see the in-laws for a lovely turkey (pizza in my case) with wine (beer in my case but mainly soft drinks as I drive) Xmas dinner. With 16 or so other people.

I look forward to Marbella, still seems to be 20 degrees (C that is) so nice an warm and capable of running. Maybe should bring the wetsuit for a swim in the sea.

Not so looking forward to a RyanAir flight. But you can't win it all. At least seats reserved, for outbound and inbound flight. You can even by a £3 fast track security lane thing at Birmingham airport. So it maybe relatively relaxing. As much as it can be relaxing at 0630 in the morning.

So far I'm totally on schedule with my non-existing plan for the MdS. I would advise my fellow running friends just to chill. Unless you break your bones or a scorpion kills you you will finish it.

I must say I have been very pleased and privileged with the people I met through the MdS event and the other running events I am doing. Really cool challenging and motivating people.  Thanks all for this.

On the 22nd we (my girlfriend and I) met up with friends in London Southbank. We strolled the Xmas market where we had mulled wine. Than a funny/nice dinner in Wahaca Southbank with is built from 8 recycled shipping containers. Very nice food. Than back to the market where i had a cinnamon bun and a coconut macaroon. 

Probably way too many calories. But who cares once a year.

For now, I wish you all very nice Christmas, do eat and drink as much as you want.
Of course a great new years eve as well. Do eat and drink as much as you want.

CU you guys soon, back in Richmond Park.

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