Friday, 16 November 2012

Part 11 - Where are we today

Today 16 November 2012, physically I am in the Netherlands. Mentally I am somewhere over the rainbow. This morning I did a very gentle 5.49km run with my youngest daughter Kim. I would place a picture, but teenagers don't like their pictures except on Facebook.

Clearly that is a short run and it wasn't fast. But you know, it was a great run. For her and for me. Tomorrow I will do another gentle maybe at best 8-10km run. Then I will go with my son Ezra (again no pictures, FB only) to his football match. Where I am proud is he is 15 and a bit and plays in a team the A1 (which is a dutch grading). What the proud part is, is that the age to get into this team is 18. So he's clearly a good player. I guess, sort of. But proud anyway. So in January we go to an information day of the Dutch Royal Marine Corps. As you all know the Marines were invented by the Dutch. So would be great if he could join them.

In September when was in the Netherlands, I joined my oldest daughter, Naomi (no pix not even FB), to her gym. Which was pretty good. Doesn't mean we do the same things, just going to the gym, doing fitness with your kids is quite fun.

In the week after the Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes I ran most days or went to the gym for strength training everyday. The weekend, I did the Parkrun 5k, added 7k did this with a friend, Helen. She is one fast runner. She's going to make me run faster, so pretty good training there.

You would ask, what this all got to do with training for the MdS? Well training for the MdS is not just running long, far, fast, consecutive days. It's getting mentally in the right frame of mind.

Where I am slacking (is that a word?) is pilates. I should do more and I do less. I need to get in the right frame of mind. I want to, but for some reason it ain't working out.

So I am clearly not all the way in. However, I know that if I would get a call tomorrow that the MdS is moved forward to next week, I am ready. Well ok, need to get a sleeping bag quickly and some food but that's it.

What also is important that the people I have met so far who will be there in the desert, are really great. Funny how we all seem to compliment each other.

As of today I am talking with Lost Worlds Racing ( to become their UK/NL Ambassador/Representative. Slowly slowly, but would be great fun.

Again, it's getting in the right frame of mind, and I feel big changes coming up. And I love big changes. I love change. Change is good. It's not the strong that survive. It's the adaptable. Or something like that.

I came over by boat, the Stenaline nightboat. I can recommend. You drive on it, around 2200 hours, about 1 hour 15 minutes before departure. Throw your stuff in your cabin. Go downstairs, get some wine, log on and play around. Than at 2300 go to sleep and you wake up in the Netherlands. Easy like Sunday morning. However, on Sunday morning I'll drive back to France to get the Calais crossing. Never done that, so that's a little change.

Next weekend, 24 November (yes nearly over) back for a run and The Running Show in Sandown Park.

As you  may have noticed, I started playing around with my own website. Very cool, but not sure if I'm creative enough. I like tinkering with it. But again, all sorts of change.

Well so far that's it for today. Will be back soon for more. Look out for the New Years Marbella edition.

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