Monday, 5 November 2012

Marathon des Alpes-Martimes Report

As preparation for the MdS and because I never did one I participated in the Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes on 4 November 2012 from Nice to Cannes. A very worthwhile event. I would recommend this event to anybody. Very well organised. Normally great weather. Except this weekend. Saturday 03 November the weather was ok, on Monday 05 November, looking outside, the sun is back. On Sunday 04 November it poured. However lucky me, and my friend Graham who was here as well, we were finished before the great pour-down at around 1400.

This was done with my friend Graham Kehily who is training for his first Ironman next year.

It was my first Marathon, one, where I stop at 42 km and 195. Not one where I continue or have stopped earlier. So a new experience. Below split times. Just under 12000 started, just over 6400 finished within the 6 hours cut off. Which interestingly makes is higher fall out than the MdS.

Dossard n° 11433
Arrivé(e) 3800 out of 6440
1464 sur dans la catégorie V1- which I guess is my age group.
10Km : 00:55:42
21Km : 01:54:21
30Km : 02:47:17
42Km.195m : 04:09:27

I set up my watch for following Alex's advice, but I started slower than I maybe should have. I learned a lot, still my left leg is my weak side, and my left feet though much better is still not perfect. The pain is there but not very obvious. But that'll be fixed before April next year.

My 10k was slower than my fastest, my half marathon was 5 minutes faster than my fastest but should have been 10 minutes faster.

I needed to stop just once to often for a stretch.

But I enjoyed the weekend out, it was great. Great company, nice food, good drinks (diet coke and Orangina).
Overall I am happy but not ecstatic with my result. But a not so great run is better than no run at all. Sometime later today I will post the Garmin extract so you all can delve into statistics.

So far this report. Now up to 50K in February 2013.

See some of you 06 November or on Sunday 12 November.

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