Tuesday, 13 February 2018

To Children With Love - My MdS Charity

This episode will be introducing my chosen charity for the 2018 MdS.

The founder and managing director is a lady called Debbie Deegan. Debbie is a personal friend, I met her through my wife, Liz Hoefsmit (was Cusack). Liz and Debbie met when they were 10/11 and have been friends ever since.

Debbie has been working tirelessly in Russia since 1998 with the orphaned and abandoned children of the Bryansk Region and more recently with children in Kaluga, Tula and Moscow Region. Debbie is also the Chairperson of the Russian registered charity To Children With Love in Russia. This is the sister charity of To Russia With Love that strives to raise funds in Russia itself.

More details here:

Mission Statement
Our goal is to support young people to achieve their full potential in education, employment and life.
Social exclusion and educational inequality negatively impacts the lives of young people reducing their self belief, dignity and well being. Our targeted programmes enhance young people’s self esteem, life skills and qualifications helping them to forge fulfilled lives within their communities and beyond. Our programmes have been developed over a 20 year period working with young people nationally and internationally.

This episode will be introducing my chosen charity for the 2018 MdS.

Helping Children to Reach Their Full Potential

Seven Overseas (not Republic of Ireland) Programmes
  • Social Integration Programme
  • The New Start Programme
  • Playroom Programme
  • Finale Step Programme
  • Mother & Baby Programme
  • Sports Programme
  • Life Skills Programme

  • Business Bootcamp
  • Gardening Programme
  • Coder Dojo Coding Club
  • Discover Ireland Programme
  • Scholarship Programme

Training is going reasonable. It'll be a slow edition this year. But that is fine with me, as I want to enjoy the Sahara even more than the previous two editions.

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