Thursday, 15 February 2018

Thoughts during the long stage at the MdS. Thoughts about people who suffered way more than I did.

For those not familiar with the long stage, it starts Wednesday morning at 09:00, or the mortals,  and 12:00 for the fast ones. The distance varies between c. 85 and 95 kilometres, that is 52-59 miles.

2013 - It's very hot today. Very hot, c. 45-50 degrees in the sun without shade. It's when I got overtaken by Zoe, my friend, tent mate and a-class photographer. It's also when I met Laurence Klein, 3 times ladies winner, who hadn't managed her water and food and ended up in a tent and dropped out.
About 40km in, I decided to go through to 60km of the I believe 75-80 end stage and have a rest.

Main thought during the night was a friend of my sister who was early thirties and had recently died of cancer. Leaving behind her wife and little kid. So, hot, cold, pain, uncomfortable, I was alive. I looked up to the sky a number of times, mentioning her name. She was a runner as well. I had known her as she and my sister had been friends since about the age of 6.

2015 - 92km I believe it was. About a year after my fathers dead. Going through the dunes at night with Leigh, where it felt like we were near the beach but no sea. It was cold, very cold. I think I used the word fuck about every 3 meters if not more often.
My feet were painful, it turned out a bandage to protect a blister was to tight and restricting blood flow. When I took it off at the 60km point, where they served tea, that is how cold it was, it felt a lot better
My dad died the year before. Due to vitamin deficiency in WWII he had a hump and always had issues with his knees. So, I figured, my suffering was only temporary and therefor I should shut the fuck up complaining.

2018 - distance to be found out.  This year, there will be other people on my mind. My uncle who died recently after losing a battle with cancer. My old neighbour who I used to call uncle. He was a colleague of my dad in the garage where they both worked. He has been diagnosed with cancer and is incurable.
The third but very important person is my sister who got diagnosed with breast cancer this year, which has spread to her lymphs and two bones. She is now undergoing therapy.
The last but not least, my mum, 87, who got mugged in her own home recently and obviously is very concerned about her daughter.

So if it's cold, hot, painful, uncomfortable out there. There will be people suffering or have suffered more. The fact you are there moving, means you are alive.

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