Saturday, 26 April 2014

A week of mixed emotions

I went to the Schultess Klinik in Zurich. The medical team there looks after the Swiss Olympic team. Dr. Mirela Borovac was my doctor. She looked at my foot, pulled my toes and did all sorts of stuff with my foot. Basically nothing wrong, just very sensitive. I am a forefoot striker, and full force goes onto my toes and ball. So it is just tenderness and sensitive. Maybe insoles, maybe not.

So Transvulcania here we come. Ok, very little training so I scheduled a few runs up the Uetliberg. A well, life is never easy.

Saturday morning 26 April at 03:30 my phone rang. That is never a good time to receive a phone call. And it was not. It was my girlfriend telling me my father had just died. He was nearly 84 and you could see it wasn't good. But he had a good life, 3 lovely grandchildren. And if I say so, I quite like how and who I am. So he must have something to do with that. As some or a lot of you may know, I am adopted. So it is not genetic. It is up bringing. And as every or at least most teenagers you don't agree with your parents. So did I, not agree. Some people may say I am still like that.

So based on when the funeral,is, the end of next week, I will most likely still be in Transvulcania. And I will ist likely run. I remember him being very proud when I finished the MdS. So I guess this will be for him. 

Not much more, but hopefully get some distance in before Transvulcania. As due to doctors orders I have not ran for week and a half.

So much for now. Be good.

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