Tuesday, 23 October 2012

23 October MdS expo notes

A very interesting expo. Specially of course Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Mike Stroud whose books were partially responsible of my desire to do the things I do now. Lia thanks for organizing.
Hearing, meeting and seeing Patrick Bauer. Another not regular but relevant event. What about his sleeping bag, 3kg and we worry about a zipper in it.
Below my bullet point notes. They are aide memoires not full write up.
Sleeping mask and ear plugs if you are a light sleeper.
Tingerlaat sun protection
Flip Flops
Sand goggles and/or sun glasses
Toothfloss strong and light
Think about packing order in your bag
Think about gaiters and understand if the ankle or the knee ones are for you.
Deal with little niggles there and then. Don't wait.
Alternate socks daily. Wash/rinse them. Dry them on the back of your bag.
Small things matter.
Prepare mentally at least for the unexpected.
Concentrate when relevant, like climbing or descenting maybe not or less when flat. Allow zoning out.
Think about battery operated devices. What if ur mp3 player breaks?
Fix infections there and then.
Evaluate constructively. What went well, what can be better, what should I stop doing
There will be regular signposts, think every 100m or so.
Be as clean as you can
But most have fun. It is the experience of a life time

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  1. Hello Michiel,
    Im a swedish competitor for the 2013 MDS and Im a little curious regarding gaiters. Who would benefit from have the knee ones? I was almost set on ancle ones.

    Oh, btw. Found you blog on google. Keep bloging!