Thursday, 22 October 2015

Northern Ireland

I landed at George Best City Airport. As usual BA was late, they are a crap airline. Cannot fly on time. Been to Belfast before, but never really into it. Been here for work a few times and once to go up north to the Giants Causeway. Different blog, May 2013. Great place tho the Giants Causeway. 

In the hotel around 15:00. George Best seems a good airport. Quiet. Took taxi to the Holiday Inn Express, funny street. Not sure what to make of it. Went into town, recommended by taxi driver and my friend Martin was the cathedral quarters. So went there. Not sure but seems nice. Went into a sports shop. Chatting with the guy about how cold or not the Mourne Mountains would be on Saturday for the Sky Run, one of the guys said he did it last year and is doing it again this year. So will see him on Saturday. Seems I have enough kit. Good shop tho, all sorts of outdoor gear I like. But didn't get anything.

Then walked to the Titanic museum. They are very proud of the Titanic here in Belfast. Maybe they missed the news it hit an iceberg and sunk and just about everybody died. Marvel of engineering or not. Dying seems not a good thing in my book.

Tomorrow, that is Friday 23 October, going to try Open Gym in Reebok CrossFit Northern Ireland. Should be good.

Weather forecast seems ace. If you like sleet and cold and wind. Which I don't really.

Had dinner in a strange place. Ribs and Bibs on Botanic. Strange but ok tho, if you like ribs and wings you can't go wrong. Weird inside tho, with pallets, but a cute waitress, so who really cares.

In Ireland the PSNI (that is the police) goes to Starbucks rather than their cousins in Boston to a donut place. They look the part tho in NI. Not like those in England, that look like security staff. 

While I was at LHR (guess this part should really be at the top) went to Giraffe, which is like a food place. My favorite at LHR T5. Also went to WH Smith, where the 5p bag actually is sold for 15p. Seems something strange there. But they claim it's a bag for life, whatever the fuck that means. Bit like warranty for life. Whose life, the thing or you?

Belfast feels remarkably like Boston. Guess no surprise as lots of the Irish went to Boston as they were starving and only had potatoes or something. So I asked an Irish friend, do I need to bring something and she says potato bread. Which they sell in Waitrose anyway. Strange people those Irish, but the girls are pretty stunning. This lady passes me and she is wearing tight trousers made out of what looks like wetsuit rubber and Doc Martens. Now normally I would not really be into that. But I guess in Belfast normally goes out of the window. They are pretty laid back tho, those Irish. Not as up tight as the English. Seems more European. 

So tomorrow chocolate cake at Robert's inlaws (at least that is what he said). Funny I've not met his wife and nor will I tomorrow. Then onto Newcastle, where this 35k and 3,500 meters hight gain is on Saturday. The main reason I am here. Gonna be good, but cold, some old friends and for sure new friends.

No idea how long these 35k going to take but guess I maybe lucky if it's 7 hours.

Funny, I was talking with Martin Muldoon, an Irishman, who just got married to Sarah his sweetheart in Hawaii the week before he did the Ironman World Championships, where I think he came 7th in his age group. Not bad I would think by any stretch of any imagination. He invited me tomorrow or Saturday to his wedding parties about 45 minutes from where I am staying. I would love to, but doubt it's clever the evening before a race and do-able the evening after. So we need a London thing.

Well that is it for now. More on Sunday about the race.

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