Saturday, 25 October 2014

DNS - Did not Start

Beachy Head Marathon
My first DNS. Very simple: fell of bike, hurt my shoulder, hip, leg. Have cold, even walking gets me out of breath. So 26 October I may try a little run.
It was Beachy Head marathon. Looked forward to it, as I would be catching up with loads of people I hadn't seen for a while.
Sometimes you need to be smart and not do what you really want to do. Choosing the most difficult choice, is probably the best choice. So that is what I did.
Well so much for that. No more events this year.

Early October I went to the MdS Expo. Which is a good event, specially for first time MdS participants. If you do sign up for the MdS it's recommend to go there swell.
This time as part of my preparation I will be doing heat chamber as well. As this come highly recommended.
Looking forward to next year MdS. It's the 30th edition and according to the grapevine it is going to be special. Well it's special anyway. One of the most beautiful places on earth.

In July I started doing CrossFit at in Kingston. Quite convenient, as it's right behind us in the university.
It's a very intense but very addictive activity. Met great people there and will have to start pumping up my volume of participation a bit. So far been able to do 6 per month. Should be going up to 8.

Great to be cycling to work again. 44k per day. This week been a bit less, as the bike is in the bike hospital for a make-over. Needed new wheels and some other components. Which is not surprising as it has a lot of miles and years behind it. But I decided it was better and cheaper to get it sorted than to buy a new bike. Why spend 4 times as much?

Till end November
Very little running.
Higher volume CrossFit.
Higher volume of cycling.

That is it for today.

Live happy.

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