Saturday, 23 August 2014

T184 - a learning

T184 - Thames Path from Thames Barrier in London to the source of the Thames. 184 miles / 294 km. 80 hours to finish. With cut-off times.
70 (out of 108 registered) started Friday 10:30
I stayed in the Antigallican the night before, which despite it's looks and area, is a very comfortable and clean hotel. Recommend if you ever need a night in Woolwhich.
Dinner in the Great Harry Wetherspoons with a number of other participants. Not met any of them, but again as in every running (specially ultra) event, great folks.

I also signed up to be measured by the Kent university. So in the morning saliva, urine and blood was taken of us. Shame the word will never see the result.

The run through London was interesting. Rob Jones was there to cheer me on. Thanks Rob really cheered me up. And later in the night he was trying to guide me through Walton. Well done again, because water is water at night, and Thames Path, alternative Thames Path pointing into what seem random directions doesn't help.

Thanks to Rob, Simon, Zoe, Kim, Wayde and Karen to be there.

Met great people, new people. Spend a good few hours with James Penson, as always we diverted around but got to the point in Teddington where we crossed the Thames to the South Bank and Karen was at Kingston Bridge.

I met a lady who knows explosives. Where else will you meet a woman that knows explosives?

Coming past my house may not have been the best, it plays with your head at about 50k in.

I made it to Walton through the dark and pulled out. My girlfriend, Karen had to come to the rescue after I called her after 23:00 to pick me up. Guess I slipped somewhat deeper in her debt.

My feet were shattered. Nerve pain, gout pain, blister pain, numbness pain.

Was it worthwhile. Yes. Do I want to do it again. 95% yes.

Is it hard, it's very hard. Is all I can say.

Not much more I can say. En route to the next adventure.

Well done to Shane to create a beast.