Saturday, 1 September 2012

01 Sep 2012 Marathon des Sables A week into the journey.

So I guess about 30 weeks to go. I am in Turkey since Thursday and have been swimming, running and to the gym. In between I am in 37 degrees heat tanning and eating. Two barefoot (really bare) runs on the beach. 16k for one and an hour for the other.
Learning: if you wanna toughen your feet, run without shoes. Forget creams and stuff.

I also joined the Pilates class and the lovely East European teacher could well write a book called 50 Shades of Pilates.

My laps in the sea for swimming are either 200 or 400 meters, so 3 or 4 laps is my swimming done and the rest of sea entry is for play.

Getting back to the running on the beach. Seriously I would advice all to do this, as I think that our feet need to be tougher than our legs. Feet will do the work. But heho (is that a word?) up to you guys.

I have been really good on the food, lots of veg, salad and fish. To be fair the hotel is pretty good and very big. And for the single people under us some very pretty women here. Men as well I guess.

I actually decided not to do an update every week. That would be 30 more and probably get boring.

The gym in this hotel is very very good. Big room for cardio with the latest life fitness kit and big room for waits with pretty new hammer strength. Yes I know same company.

So far my training is going to plan. Remember I don't have a plan.

But learning's for this week:
Go to this hotel and get a week of heat training in. No I don't get paid for saying this.
Run barefoot to toughen your feet.

So till next time.


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